(The) Super Friends – 32

(The) Super Friends – 32

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
February 1980
Cover Date:
May 1980
Non Canon
Story Title:
The Scarecrow Fights with Fear!

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Kurt Schaffenberger, Bob Smith
E. Nelson Bridwell
Kurt Schaffenberger
Bob Smith
Milt Snapinn
Adrienne Roy
Julius Schwartz, E. Nelson Bridwell (associate)


Super Friends: Aquaman (Arthur Curry), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Robin (Dick Grayson), Superman (Clark Kent/Kal El), Wonder Woman (Diana Prince/Princess Diana), Gleek, Wonder Twins: Zan, Jayna
Scarecrow (Jonathan Crane)
Jim Gordon
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This series adapted the adventures of the popular Hanna-Barbera animated TV series, ‘The Super Friends’ and took place outside of the established Pre-Crisis reality of the time.


The Super Friends are given the first annual Stephen Wild Award for public service. While appreciative, they are curious about who Mr. Wild is. One of the photographers convinces the Super Friends to take a group photo at the Hall of Justice. The camera has a special bulb which causes the plaques to vaporize.

It turns out that the photographer was the Scarecrow and the special flash bulb which vaporized the plaques produced “Fear Gas” which he uses to expose the Super Friends fears.

Wonder Woman is afraid of metal and she sheds her Magic Bracelets. Robin is afraid of bats and consequently will not go near Batman. Aquaman charges Scarecrow, claiming that he was not affected. That changes when Scarecrow pulls out a water pistol and exposes Aquaman’s fear of water. Batman then tries to chase the Scarecrow but once outside his fear of the night is revealed. As scarecrow escapes via helicopter Superman’s fear of heights are next exposed. Finally, the Wonder Twins are thwarted in using their Exxor powers due to their fear of being touched.

The Super Friends discuss the myriad of dilemmas they now face. Batman discovers that without her bracelets, Wonder Woman has nothing to restrain her and could run wild at any moment. Superman then brings attention to a deadlier problem. Aquaman has to be in contact with water once every hour or her will die.

Meanwhile Scarecrow is planning a high class robbery while gloating with his henchman about immobilizing the Super Friends. He plans to rob Bruce Wayne’s Penthouse.

Commissioner Gordon contacts the Super Friends and tells them that Bruce Wayne’s butler has contacted the police saying that the Scarecrow is outside of Wayne’s Penthouse.

Due to his fear of the dark, Batman decides not to go to stop Scarecrow. Superman knocks Batman out with one punch. Then Aquaman drives the unconscious Batman and the Wonder Twins in the Batmobile, while Superman carries Robin to the Penthouse with Wonder Woman by their side.

Once they all reconvene in front of the penthouse, they decide on a plan of action. Batman is still unconscious and Aquaman is growing weaker by the minute.  Inside the Penthouse, Wonder Woman makes short work of the Scarecrow’s men and carries the villain out to Aquaman. When the beserker Wonder Woman threatens to throw Scarecrow to the sidewalk Scarecrow pleads for Aquaman to save him. and the Sea King  proposes that Scarecrow could save his own life by curing their phobias, so that Wonder Woman can be restrained by her bracelets again. Scarecrow restores the two heroes, but his smokescreen also covers his escape.

Thinking that he can make his escape in his helicopter, Scarecrow runs into Robin. However, after hearing that Robin destroyed the helicopter’s controls the Scarecrow grabs Robin and tries to drown him. Seeing this, Batman overcomes his fear to rescue his partner.

Aquaman is also in the moat and was intending to save Robin, but since Batman reaches the Bot Wonder first, he decides to keep the fact that he was been restored to himself. Scarecrow now has Batman against the ledge and as Batman is afraid of falling, Robin overcomes his fear of Bats to tackle the Scarecrow.

Superman is waiting on the ground and sees someone falling. He realises that he is unable to fly up and rescue this individual due to his fears. But he also remembers his promise to Pa Kent; that he would always use his powers to help others. Thus he overcomes his phobia and catches the falling man, which ironically is the Scarecrow himself.

Back at the Hall of Justice, all is normal except for the Wonder Twins and their fear of touching. However, using his elastic tail, Gleek brings the Twins together, forcing them to activate their powers and therefore overcoming their fears.