Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 259

Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 259

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
June 1979
Cover Date:
September 1979
Bronze Age
Story Title:
A Power Gone Mad

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Jose Delbo, Dick Giordano
Gerry Conway
Jose Delbo
Vince Colletta
Milt Snapinn
Jerry Serpe
Ross Andru


Wonder Woman (Diana Prince)
Hermes, Mars (Ares), Hercules, Aphrodite, Athena
Martin Markham, Lance Gardner
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Flying in her invisible plane, Wonder Woman approaches an airliner which is diving out of control towards the ground. The pilots desperately radio back to the tower, yelling that although they have managed to overcome the hijackers onboard, some bullets hit the instrument panel. They have now lost power in three engines!

As they realise they are going down with no hope, the nose suddenly lifts up and as they stare in amazement, Wonder Woman uses her lasso to pull the airliner out of its death dive!

At that moment, less than a mile away, three skydivers have just leapt out of their small aircraft. Suddenly, the airliner and the invisible jet race by, sending the skydivers tumbling out of control in their wake. Wonder Woman realises that in her efforts to save the airliner she has strayed out of the flight path!

Two of the parachutists have been knocked out by the wind blast and the remaining skydiver is not experienced enough to know what to do. Far below, Wonder Woman guides the huge airliner to a gentle, watery touchdown in the ocean, before ordering her plane to zoom back upwards. She then leaps off the wing of her craft and glides down towards the skydivers. As the Amazing Amazon rides the air currents and grabs the two stricken parachutists, the third pulls her rip cord and watches in amazement as Wonder Woman gently glides down to the ocean below and drops the men to safety!

Once she has checked that everyone is OK, she returns to her plane and continues on her journey back to New York, looking forward to returning to her apartment, having a long hot shower and hoping no more crises arise until tomorrow!

But she will be denied her wish for at that same moment in the offices of Advertising Agency Markham, Manditz and Monroe Inc. certain events are about to unfold which will have an ill effect on the Amazon Princess – and possibly Mankind itself!

As Martin Markham is locking his office up for the night a vision appears before him. As Markham panics, thinking the devil has come to make him pay for all the dirty tricks and shady deals he has made in the past, the figure introduces himself as Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods! Hermes tells him that he has come to take Markham to Olympus precisely because of those dirty tricks. Then they disappear in a puff of smoke and are transported to Mount Olympus.

Markham cannot believe his eyes as the palace guards approach to take him to see the master. And as Markham struggles vainly to wake from a nightmare which is not a dream, Wonder Woman approaches her New York apartment. She nimbly leaps onto the roof and uses her lasso to transform into Diana Prince. As she makes her way down the stairs to her apartment, she ponders the events of the last few months – the death of Steve for the second time, discovering that the new man in her life, Mike Bailey , was in fact a member of the Royal Flush Gang etc.

Her thoughts are interrupted by Lance Gardner, one of the two men who live next door to her. He tells her that him and Todd are intending to throw a big bash next Saturday and that they would love her to come and get to meet the neighbours. She replies that she would like to meet some new people and Lance tells her that she will find them all really fascinating. They have three artists, two actors, a musician and a professor of Ancient Languages all living in the apartment building!

As she lets herself in he continues to tell her that he is a dancer himself and almost had a job in “A Chorus Line”. She smiles and tells him that she does not mean to be rude but she really would like to settle down and relax for the night. He apologises for being pushy but hopes she will attend the party. She tells him that she will.

Meanwhile, on Mount Olympus Markham is still coming to terms with his grand surroundings and asks what use the Gods of Olympus could possibly have for an advertising executive? Hermes tells him that all will be explained by ‘He who now commands Olympus’. Markham replies that he remembers his schooling days and that he must be referring to Zeus…

But as he is lead into the throne room he is confronted by the other Gods who are standing around the figure of Mars, the God of War. Mars informs him that it is he who is now ruling Olympus!

Aphrodite snarls “May the fates have mercy on us all” and the War God turns on her in anger. He warns her to hold her tongue for while she may be the Mistress of Love, it is his fist which holds the sword. If she values her tongue she had best learn to curb it!

As he holds the point of his sword at her throat the Goddess fearlessly retorts that as always, he deals in threats and that he blusters well when the target is a woman! Enraged, he lifts his sword to strike but brings it crashing down on a flaming urn instead. As he curses her, she tells him that he knows only too well what the consequences of killing her would be. Zeus may be off on some mission to the farthest star and that in his absence Mars has seized power, but even the War God dare not slay the Goddess of Love!

Mars ignores her and turns to face Markham, grabbing him by the collar. He tells the frightened advertising executive that he wants his advertising knowledge and cunning. If Mars is to consolidate his power in Olympus against the eventual return of Zeus, he needs to become master of Earth too. And Markham, through his advertising, will show Mars how!

Not long afterwards in New York’s Times Square, an explosion occurs and as members of the public clamber out of the rubble, Hercules and Hermes look on from their position of hiding.

Wonder Woman, on night patrol in her invisible plane, sees the pall of smoke rising up and leaps down to the street. Members of the Public see her arrive and one of them wonders whether she is responsible. But he is quickly told that she is on the ‘good guys’ side. The Amazon Princess quickly surveys the damage and sees a taxi on fire. She opens a nearby fire hydrant and extinguishes the fire.

As she hears the sounds of sirens in the distance as the authorities race to the assistance of the injured, she relaxes and does not see the blurred figure racing towards her at super speed. Only at the last moment does she see Hermes but too late, she is unable to stop him from removing her bracelets! Suddenly, with her bracelets of submission no longer keeping her warrior power in check, she launches into a blind rage and begins to smash everything around her!

Centuries ago, when Hercules enslaved the Amazons through trickery, he shackled them and it was only by appealing to Aphrodite that they were freed. In return for freeing them, Aphrodite swore them to always wear the slave bracelets which once connected Hercules’ chains. Now, with the bracelets removed, an Amazon is guilty of breaking her vow to the Goddess of Love and the result is utter madness!

The watching crowds cannot believe their eyes as the Amazon Princess goes on a rampage of destruction! They cry out that they should have known never to trust a woman that strong, but that they have no way of stopping her. Hercules and Hermes listen to the crowds fears from their hiding place and realise the plan is working! The mortals are turning on her just as Martin Markham had said they would! It seems he knows his people well – one minute she is their idol and the next the fickle crowd turn against her without wondering what is behind the sudden change.

As a horrified populace watches with morbid fascination, both directly and through the eyes of TV News Cameras, Hercules suddenly makes his move and steps out into the crowds holding a club. The police stop him and warn that whoever he is, he is endangering himself if he goes anywhere near the Amazon wildcat. He informs the officer that he has been sent by Mars, God of War, to save Mankind from this ‘She Devil’!

He strides forward and as the crowd watch the fearless giant, they think to themselves that if this brave man can stop that madwoman, he will be a hero!

Wonder Woman turns and sees the approaching Hercules. She uses a lamppost to launch an attack but he parries the blow with his club. The streets of Times Square resound with the sounds of immortal combat as the mighty warriors do battle. They fight without speaking and the minutes tumble past as advantage shifts first from one, then to the other. Throughout it all, the crowd watch the spectacle, except for one individual whose eyes seem to search the rubble strewn ground. At last the stranger finds what they are looking for – the bracelets which are now hanging from the belt of Hermes.

Back at the battle meanwhile, sheer weight at last triumphs and Hercules, holding Wonder Woman by the neck, delivers a devastating punch which knocks her out cold!

With a roar the crowd lauds its new hero while Hercules smiles smugly. He knows that with Wonder Woman out of the way and himself as Earth’s new champion, Mars can conquer the Earth with ease!

And while the crowd cheers and the victor gloats, a slender figure slips away unnoticed having taken the pair of bracelets from an unsuspecting Hermes just moments ago…

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