Readers of the post crisis version of the Amazing Amazon will no doubt remember a story line from the Messner Loebs run, where Diana was forced to take part in a new contest to see who was fit to carry the mantle of “Wonder Woman”. Due to circumstances I won’t go into here, she lost and was replaced by the victor, a red haired Amazon named Artemis, who returns to Man’s World wearing the red, blue and gold costume to continue the mission to bring peace and love to all. Diana also returned to take up a civilian role while monitoring the adventures of this new “Wonder Woman”.

What readers may not be aware of is the fact that this story line was very similar to this pre crisis plot. Diana returns to Paradise Island to take part in a new tournament after a challenge is issued and is beaten by a red haired Amazon, this time named Orana! The victorious Amazon returns to Man’s World as Wonder Woman and is followed by Diana who monitors her exploits accordingly.

An Amazon named Orana also challenges Diana in a contest in issue 98 and a similar story featuring yet another Amazon challenging Diana’s position appeared in issue 173, although this time the Amazon was named Tonia, though she again was a red head like Orana. (What’s with all the hate for red heads?)