Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 246

Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 246

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
May 1978
Cover Date:
August 1978
Bronze Age
Story Title:
Darkness, Darkness - Everywhere

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Joe Staton, Dick Giordano
Jack C. Harris
Jose Delbo
Vince Colletta
Clem Robins
Ben Oda
Larry Hama


Wonder Woman (Diana Prince), Steve Trevor
Mrs. Kravitz, Abner Gilbert
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Even super heroes have to do their chores! In this issue we actually get to see Diana washing her Wonder Woman costume! This indicates that her costume is made of some sort of fabric, whereas the post crisis version appears to wear armour, although this does vary depending on who the writer and artist is at the time!


Diana Prince is using the basement launderette in her East Side condominium where she lives. Choosing to do it late at night and careful to ensure that no one else is around, she has been washing her Wonder Woman costume. As she removes it from the machine she muses sarcastically that with all the knowledge that the Amazons have accumulated, they have yet to discover a decent fabric softener!

As she begins to make her way back to her apartment she feels glad she has brought along her lasso, as it will come in handy if she encounters anyone and has to make them forget they have seen her with Wonder Woman’s costume. Just as she reaches the elevator door though the power suddenly goes out and she hears the cries of some people trapped in the stalled lift.

She manages to open the doors and climbs up the shaft while at the same time changing into her Wonder Woman costume. She bursts through the floor of the stationary elevator car to find a boy called Abner and an old lady named Mrs. Kravitz trapped inside. They watch as Wonder Woman prises open the doors of the elevator car and Mrs. Kravitz asks Abner what the super heroine is doing in their basement? He replies that he does not know but that he is sure it is her, except that she does not seem to be wearing her Tiara.

The Amazon Princess hears Abner and notes to herself how observant he is to spot the missing Tiara which she has left upstairs in her apartment. As she finally frees the two of them Mrs. Kravitz tells Abner that this has been just too exciting and that she can use the incident in her book that she has been writing since she retired. As the lights suddenly come back on they find that Wonder Woman has vanished.

Just around the corner meanwhile Wonder Woman is changing back into her civilian clothes, although she is having to do it the old fashioned way without the aid of her lasso. This is because normally her clothes are attuned to the vibrations in her lasso and when she spins it around herself the clothes materialise. However, she has not yet had the opportunity to attune the clothing she is wearing today so she is having to remove her costume and dress back into her normal clothes manually – all be it at super speed!

As she reaches her apartment she is thinking to herself that she will have to figure out some way to pay for the damaged elevator anonymously. But as she opens her door her thoughts are cut short by the sight before her. Her apartment has been trashed!

Recovering from the initial shock, she carefully checks every room but cannot seem to find anything missing. However, when she finally checks a shelf in her wardrobe she realises that it is her Tiara that has been stolen! It also suddenly dawns on her that there is no evidence of how the intruder broke in or out, which means they are probably still there!

Once again without warning the building is plunged into darkness again and she decides to change into Wonder Woman and be ready for anything. Whoever the intruder is obviously knows who she really is and must also know about the magical power of her Tiara.

Suddenly out of the gloom a cloaked figure emerges and as Wonder Woman tries to use her lasso on the figure to determine who they are, the stranger clouts her over the head with her own Tiara, knocking her out.

When she eventually comes to she finds Steve looking over her. He has turned up for their prearranged date only to find the building enshrouded by black mist and her unconscious on the floor. As the two of them look out of the window at the ever growing darkness, Wonder Woman realises that this is very serious. Finally the view outside becomes pitch black and she tells Steve that the rest of their world has already gone! As he asks her to explain they suddenly hear screams outside in the corridor. As they run out they see people fleeing in terror from a window at the end of the corridor.

Through the window they can see hideous creatures approaching and Wonder Woman tells Steve that the entire building has been removed from what they know as Earth and has been transported to the Demons’ realm. As she battles to stop the creatures entering the building she explains that the building is being used as a vehicle to bring these creatures back to the real world and that they must make sure that there are no demons inside before they are next plunged into darkness.

Having fought the beasts off, they notice that it is getting lighter outside but Wonder Woman knows that the danger is not over and races downstairs closely followed by Steve. As they stare outside they see that the condominium is sitting in the middle of a nether realm and Wonder Woman tells Steve that the only way they can complete their journey back to Earth is by the completion of the Black Magic spell that brought them here.

As they watch, the dark mists encircle the building once again, signaling that the transportation spell is commencing. Wonder Woman knows that this must mean that despite their efforts, some demons have managed to enter the building! The people in the building try desperately to leave in their panic and Wonder Woman tells Steve to keep them inside at all costs. She then runs around the building at super speed and funnels the mist, allowing her to see where it is coming from.

She rides the air currents up to the window and smashes through. She is confronted by a sorceress who is wearing her Tiara. She asks the sorceress what she is doing here directly beneath Diana Prince’s apartment? The woman replies that now she is wearing the Tiara she knows all Wonder Woman’s secrets and it is therefore futile to try and protect her secret identity. The sorceress then tells the Amazon Princess that she has long sought to bridge the gap from this place to Earth but had always lacked the materials. Then she had detected the great magic from the room above – Diana’s room! She had then created a diversion, allowing her to steal the Tiara and create the transportation spell.

She warns Wonder Woman not to interfere as she is the only one who can return the building to Earth. The fearless Amazon replies that she will stall the sorceress until she can find where the demons are hiding. The sorceress fires magical energy bolts at Wonder Woman who deflects them with her bracelets. Just then the Amazon Princess hears a knock at the door behind her and momentarily distracted, is struck by another energy bolt. The force sends her crashing backwards through the door, knocking over Mr. Podosky, who has been sleeping through the whole crisis and has only just woken up!

Before she can go back into the apartment the door magically reseals itself. Steve and Abner arrive on the scene and she tells them that they must find the demons, although it is beginning to get so dark they will need some light. Abner offers his flashlight but it is ineffective in the supernatural gloom.

Suddenly the Amazing Amazon has a flash of inspiration. She realises that she needs to fight magic with magic. She clangs her bracelets together causing a spark and she quickly asks the others to find something combustible. Abner manages to find a newspaper and Wonder Woman ignites it with another spark from her bracelets. She then tells everyone to return to their own apartments while she goes back inside this particular one. Abner mentions that it belongs to Mrs. Kravitz and the Amazon wonders how the nice old lady could be mixed up in all of this?

She smashes through the door and confronts the sorceress with her torch flame, causing the sorceress to cower away. Wonder Woman orders her to reveal the whereabouts of the demons and she hears the cries of the demons as they writhe in agony from the magical flame. The sorceress rips off her cloak to reveal her sinewy body, covered in the gargoyle like faces of the demons. To her horror, Wonder Woman sees that one of the faces is that of Mrs. Kravitz ,who begs the Amazon to save her!

She explains that she had been researching a book on the occult and had stumbled upon an ancient incantation. Before she knew what had happened she had released these creatures! The torch ignites the room and fires spring up all around. Wonder Woman acts swiftly to lasso the demon hybrid, commanding it to leave the body of the woman and leave this dwelling , never to return. Instantly the demons disappear to reveal a frightened Mrs. Kravitz.

As Wonder Woman guides her out of the burning room, she hopes that Mrs. Kravitz has learned her lesson not to tamper with things she cannot control. She then cleverly uses her lasso to guide the magical flames out of the window and force back the darkness surrounding the condominium long enough for the building to return back to Earth.


A few hours later Diana and Steve are making their way back up the stairs to her apartment after having done some grocery shopping. She tells Steve that although she does not really understand the nature of the place they had been transported to earlier, they had returned through time and therefore no one in New York even realised the building was missing!

Steve asks how Mrs. Kravitz is and Diana replies that Abner is staying with her to look after her, although her other neighbours are now very suspicious of the old woman, convinced that she is hiding more demons somewhere. As Diana opens her apartment door, she tells Steve that there is no real guarantee that all of the creatures have been dispelled. Steve jokingly replies that he will not let her worry about that – just concentrate on a way to get the elevator fixed!

Unknown to the two lovers however, a figure is making a quick exit from Diana’s apartment as they enter it. “Its finished!” the intruder thinks to himself. “All we have to do now is wait!”