Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 243

Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 243

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
February 1978
Cover Date:
May 1978
Bronze Age
Story Title:
The Five Sided Square

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Rich Buckler, Vince Colletta
Jack C. Harris
Jose Delbo
Frank Chiaramonte
Clem Robins
D.R. Martin
Larry Hama


Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor
The Spectre, Hawkman, Green Lantern, Flash, Dr. Mid-Nite, Wonder Woman (Earth 1 Version)
Etta Candy
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In this issue we discover how DC Comics finally decided to switch the events in the comic back to the modern day 1970’s in order to reflect the similar change made by CBS Television in their series “The New Adventures Of Wonder Woman”, which continued to star the incomparable Lynda Carter, who by now was seen by many fans as the perfect embodiment of Diana, made real in the flesh.

Once again, the story involves the Earth I Wonder Woman and the Earth II Wonder Woman teaming up to confront a common foe and the unfolding events enable the writer to take the reader back to Earth I and revert back to relating the adventures of the modern day Wonder Woman.



Colonel Steve Trevor and Etta Candy are sitting in a Washington Movie theatre watching a newsreel depicting the VJ day parades and the crowds cheering Wonder Woman.

Suddenly, the audience is shocked to see a strange figure materialise through the screen – the Angleman! Everyone screams in terror thinking he is a Martian and begins to stampede out of the theatre, while Steve and Etta remain to confront him. The Colonel is convinced that Angleman must be some sort of prankster dressed in his green and yellow costume and tries to throw a punch at the advancing villain. But Angleman dematerialises before his eyes and his punch connects with nothing but thin air. Etta screams that he is a Martian after all!

As Angleman reemerges outside the Movie Theatre, he surmises that using his Angler device he has successfully escaped from the prison he had been put inside of by Wonder Woman in 1978. But it seems that his device has ‘angled’ him through time as well as space and judging by the clothing worn by the people around him he has emerged during the 1940’s.

But he thinks to himself that this cannot be possible because how can the movie theatre be showing films of Wonder Woman when she never existed during those years? Of course, Angleman is unaware that his Angler has also transported him across dimensions to a parallel world known as Earth II. On that earth, Wonder Woman did indeed first appear during World War II.

Meanwhile, in New York City, Wonder Woman is attending a meeting of the Justice Society of America, where they inform her that they are glad she has been allowed to stay in Man’s World by her mother in order to continue the fight against evil. Just then their discussion is interrupted by a radio broadcast which says that several strange disturbances occurring in Washington DC have been traced back to the Lincoln Memorial. As the JSA prepare to depart for Washington, Wonder Woman tells them that the city is her base of operations and that she will go alone to see what the trouble is. If she needs help then she will call them.

Moments later she is onboard her invisible plane and is speeding towards the nation’s capital. As she muses to herself that the radio had given no hints as to what the disturbances had been, her plane is suddenly hit by a wave of energy. Instantly, the plane begins to twist at right angles and no longer responds to her mental commands. The deformed plane begins to dive towards the Lincoln Memorial and the Amazon Princess realises that she cannot pull out of it.

A crowd surrounds the Lincoln Memorial, where Steve and Etta are also to be found. They hear the sound of Wonder Woman’s diving plane and the resulting crash nearby. They race over and Steve helps the Amazon out of the wreckage. Nearby, the Angleman decides it is time to angle himself to another place away from the crowds.

But Steve points to the fleeing figure and tells Wonder Woman he believes the stranger is responsible for the break up of Wonder Woman’s plane. She quickly removes her magic lasso from her belt and snares the Angleman as he runs away. He still cannot believe that his foe is here – now – in this time period.

She assures him that she really is here and he complains that cannot be because not only does she look exactly the same as she does in 1978, but that she never existed in America in 1945 or he would have known about it. She in turn is surprised by his revelation that he is from the future and while she is momentarily distracted, the Angleman uses the opportunity to activate his Angler.

Before she can command him to stop, he uses his device to return to 1978 – or so he thinks! But to his frustration he only manages to transport himself 25 feet away from where he was standing! Instantly Wonder Woman is upon him again and prepares to use her lasso but Angleman warns her to stay back and fires his Angler at her. As the shocked onlookers watch, the Angle Rays leap from the villain’s device and strike the Amazing Amazon with a thunderous crash…

The story then recaps the events of Angleman’s escape in 1978 (Earth I). Wonder Woman is serving her stint on monitor duty in the Justice League Satellite when she suddenly notices something out of the corner of her eye. She walks into the JLA Trophy Room where the Angleman’s Angler device is on display in a glass cabinet. The device has begun to glow and as she tries to reach in to grab it, the Angler dematerialises before her eyes!

Thinking quickly, she guesses that Angleman has somehow managed to transport it to himself and she immediately contacts the San Francisco State Prison where the villain is being held. But she is informed by the Governor that Angleman has already escaped and was last seen in his cell, dressed in his costume, before he then disappeared in front of the guards’ eyes.

She prepares to depart in order to try and track the Angleman down when suddenly time and space are twisted at right angles around her and she disappears – only to find herself back on Earth II next to her Earth I colleague!

From Angleman’s perspective, his blast at the Earth II Wonder Woman moments before has now created another Amazing Amazon! But as the Earth II Wonder Woman tries to assess what has just happened, the Angleman uses the confusion to escape by angling out again. Telling Steve to keep the crowds back, she and her Earth I counterpart disappear into the Lincoln Memorial for a conversation.

The 1978 Wonder Woman realises that the Diana of the 1940’s has forgotten about their previous encounter due to her memories having been wiped by her mother. She therefore uses her lasso to help her counterpart remember and then together, they set off to find the Angleman.

He has not gone very far again and curses his Angler. He thinks to himself that he never did find out who had given him the device and that he had never learned how the damn thing works! Now it seemed to be running out of power. He decides to continue angling until he can get far enough away from the city.

But due to the unpredictable nature of the device, he materialises right in front of the two Wonder Women! He panics and realising that he cannot trust the device to transport him out of here far enough, uses it instead to cause a diversion. He fires it at two passing trams causing them to veer towards each other and the two Amazons leap into action to prevent an accident. Seeing their quarry run off down the street, they decide that his device must be running low on power as his attempts to angle away never seem to transport him very far.

The Earth I Wonder Woman then has a brainwave and asks her counterpart whether she has noticed just exactly where he transports himself to on each occasion. Her colleague understands what her double is getting at and races away, leaving the 1978 Amazon to continue the pursuit.

She at last catches up with the Angleman in an alleyway and informs him that he has materialised on a parallel world which is why there is a 1940’s Wonder Woman. She then tells him that she is the Amazon he knows and loves from 1978, but he replies that she will never be able to take him back as long as he can angle out, and with that he does – materialising straight in front of the other Wonder Woman!

He panics and angles out again only to appear in front of the 1978 Wonder Woman again! As they close in around him, they inform him that they can now mathematically predict where he will appear next. With that, first one Amazon lays a punch into him, followed by the other and as the defeated Angleman falls to the ground, the Earth I Wonder Woman picks up the Angler device. With Angleman soon held firmly in her magic lasso, she examines the Angler and decides that with one large burst of energy the device will be able to send them both back to the future, but after that it will be useless.

Just then Steve and Etta appear and asks what is going on – has the Angleman really split Wonder Woman into two people? Hastily, explanations are given and Steve and Etta begin to asks many questions about the future and what lessons can be learned from the mistakes made by Earth I.

Wonder Woman uses her magic lasso to make Steve, Etta and the Earth II Wonder Woman forget about the futureQuickly, the Earth I Wonder Woman uses her lasso to make Steve, Etta and her Earth II counterpart forget all about the parallel earth and the future. Then she and Angleman hurry away leaving the three friends in a trace like state in the alleyway.

A few minutes pass and they begin to come to and cannot remember how they got there. All they know is that the Angleman has gone for good. Steve tells Wonder Woman he has been meaning to asks her an important question and gets as far as “Will you…” before she stops him in mid sentence. She tells them that the war may be over but her mission to fight the evils of Man’s World must go on. But whatever her mission, Steve and Etta will always be together…

Meanwhile, a short way away, the other Wonder Woman prepares to take her prisoner back to 1978. He tells her that she does not know how to use it and that she will kill them both. She replies, “Do me a favour Angleman – Shut up!” Next instant, she activates the device and the two of them are plunged into the dimensional corridor.

They rematerialise back on the JLA Satellite only seconds after Wonder Woman had originally left. Quickly, she uses the JLA transporter to send a cursing Angleman straight back to his cell in prison.

She returns the now out of power Angler back to its display case. Its circuits are burned out and she knows there is no way to duplicate it. Just then she spots a newspaper on the floor and realises that it must have got swept along with them when they transported back from 1945. The headline reads “Wonder Woman Hailed as Heroine – President Truman Awards Amazon.”

She muses that her Earth II counterpart seems to have managed her life pretty well after the war. But she wonders whether she can do the same? Where is her life going exactly? Where does she go from here?