During the last few issues there had been a debate raging about whether Wonder Woman’s adventures should remain in the World War II setting or not. This discussion had arisen due to the fact that even after a successful run of the TV series “The New, Original Wonder Woman”, ABC Television had decided for some reason not to produce any more episodes due to the expense of producing a WWII period based drama. However, CBS Television took the opportunity to snap up the rights and immediately decided to change the setting of the series to the modern day 1970’s.

Although DC Comics had always stressed that the comic book was not a ‘TV’ comic (i.e. one that was derived from the series as opposed to the other way round) it had obviously made a lot of sense to cash in on the show’s popularity by making the comic at least reflect the TV setting. In this way, new fans who had been introduced to Wonder Woman through the TV series could comfortably pick up a Wonder Woman comic and not feel alienated.

Now, with the CBS Television show retitled “The New Adventures of Wonder Woman” and moving to a modern day setting once again starring the stunning Lynda Carter, DC were forced to review their position of continuing to publish World War II adventures instead of modern day ones.

The readership was divided on the issue and as mentioned, it became the main topic of discussion in the letter column over the preceding months. However, DC Comics finally made their decision which they chose to announce in this particular issue. They stated that in the next couple of months they were going to move back to modern times and in the process reveal what actually happened to the Earth II Wonder Woman when the war finally ended.

Oh, and this issue sees the continuation of those yellow stripes on Wonder Woman’s boots too!