Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 235

Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 235

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
June 1977
Cover Date:
September 1977
Bronze Age
Story Title:
The Biology Bomb!

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Jose Garcia-Lopez, Vince Colletta
Gerry Conway
Jose Delbo
Joe Giella
Not Stated
Not Stated
Denny O'Neil


Wonder Woman (Diana Prince), Steve Trevor
Dr. McNider (Doctor Mid-Nite)
Horst, Freida, General Blankenship, President Roosevelt
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As a freight train makes its way on the Georgia to Washington line, sixteen miles south of Alexandria, Virginia, a group of Nazi saboteurs are in the process of setting explosives on the top of one of the railcars. They are interrupted by the arrival of Wonder Woman, who wades into the men, driven by a wish for vengeance after her recent exploits.

On board her invisible jet, Freidreich’s two children watch the Amazing Amazon quickly dispose of the Nazis and throw the explosives into a nearby river.

After enduring the horrors of the concentration camp and seeing their father die, Wonder Woman’s exploits below give at last give them a reason for hope and joy. She in turn absorbs their warmth and for the first time in hours – smiles!

An hour or so later, they touch down at a local Orphanage but when Wonder Woman asks the lady in charge if she will take the two Jewish children in, she is told that they would be much better suited at a place called the Jerusalem Home, “among their own kind!”. With a withering glance, Wonder Woman makes her good-byes and takes the children to the aforementioned Jerusalem Home, located on the outskirts of Washington.

She meets with the kindly Rabbi, explaining the prejudice she has recently encountered and wondering how a country so free as America can also be so cruel. He replies that freedom can be a two edged sword and that the very laws which supports Jewish rights also support the rights of prejudice. Tearfully, she bids farewell to the two children, promising to come back and see them again. With that, she sadly turns and leaves the children to settle into their new home.

That evening, at the Walter Reed Army Hospital, Major Trevor is recovering from his ordeal at the hands of Armageddon. Two doctors stand by his bedside and one of them remarks on how lucky Steve is to have managed to escape with a broken arm while sustaining no crucial injuries. The other doctor, who is a blind intern named McNider, replies that his own visual impairment means that he has a finely developed sense of touch, and that he can feel something odd on Steve’s arm. The other doctor dismisses the comments of an ‘intern’ and is in the process of explaining that Steve has had a complete physical checkup, when Yeoman Prince enters the room.

Having just got back to the office, she had learned from General Blankenship that Steve had been hurt. The two doctors leave and Steve assures Diana that he is OK. He asks why she is so concerned when he is just her boss, not her boyfriend. She seethes to herself that it is only because of his foolish masculine near sightedness and that he is so overwhelmed with her glamour as Wonder Woman, that he does not bother to notice Yeoman Prince.

Meanwhile outside, McNider tells his colleague that he intends to run a serum test on Steve later that night just in case there is something the lab might have missed. A nearby nazi, posing as a janitor overhears the conversation. When the two doctors have gone, he muses to himself that Armageddon will not be happy to hear that McNider might be on to something.

Later that night, McNider is watching one of the lab assistants test Steve’s blood again. The assistant discovers a toxic compound of some sort, the likes of which he has never seen before. As McNider listens, his acute hearing hears a sound behind him and he swiftly turns, wrestling the fake janitor to the ground as the he tries to clout the doctor from behind. The lab assistant is knocked out in the scuffle, and McNider takes the opportunity to remove a weird shaped shell from his pocket. He throws it to the floor, where it breaks and unleashes a cloud of utter black gas, all concealing, all blinding.

As the nazi tries to get his bearings he is floored by a punch from McNider, now in his guise as Doctor Mid-Nite! The stunned nazi produces a knife and tells the superhero that he has heard of Mid-Nite who is “one of those Justice Society bums!”. Although blind, Mid-Nite can hear the rustle of steel on cloth and knows that his opponent wields a knife. Using the blinding smoke to his advantage, he disarms the thug and demands to know why he tried to attack ‘McNider’. The nazi replies that he had been ordered to do so by Armageddon because the doctor was studying Steve Trevor and the nazi super villain does not want that to happen. Doctor Mid-Nite recognises the name Armageddon and wonders just what he has got himself into…

The next day at the White House, a top secret meeting between the chiefs of staff and the President himself is being held. Also in attendance is General Blankenship, Major Trevor (who has been released from hospital) and Yeoman Prince. The president greets Steve, telling him that he has closely followed his career and that he admires the war hero.

As the meeting begins, Steve begins to feel his forehead become clammy. He whispers to Diana that it feels like someone has just opened a furnace door. Suddenly, he staggers out of the room, feeling dizzy and Diana races after him. She can sense something twisting inside of him, tearing him apart and she follows him to a room at the end of the corridor. He enters and slams the door behind him. As she tries to open it she is suddenly thrown back as the door explodes off its hinges!

Ravaged by poisons unknown to American medicine, Steve’s body has altered its shape and size. He has evolved into a creature whose mind is a corrupted as his body. As security guards try to stop his rampage, he throws them aside as if they were toys. Diana quickly gets to her feet and ducking around the corner, transforms into Wonder Woman. As she runs back into the corridor she sees to her horror that he is crashing into the war room. As the chiefs of staff dive for cover, he runs amok and heads for the president. The guards open fire but their bullets simply bounce of his skin which has become dense like armour plating. Wonder Woman swiftly removes her tiara and leaping up at the monster, uses the Amazonium metal which is the hardest element on earth, to dig the tiara into its flesh.

Crying out in pain, the creature panics and flees blindly through a concrete wall and escapes. As the others check on the president who is thankfully unhurt in the wake of the destruction, Wonder Woman sheds tears at having caused Steve, her lover, such pain…

Later on that day, in a supposedly abandoned warehouse, Doctor Mid-Nite drops through a window to be met by Armageddon and his men. The nazi super villain welcomes Mid-Nite and the Justice Leaguer replies that no doubt spies had forewarned them of his coming. Armageddon tells him that doctor McNider had learned of the poison which he had injected into Steve during his capture. The toxin degrades Steve’s basic body chemistry changing him into a Muutorr – an artificial mutant – with one mindless instinct to kill US soldiers.

A horrified Mid-Nite reacts by attacking the guards surrounding him, taking them by surprise. Mid-Nite vows to bring Armageddon down for this outrage, but the escaping nazi super villain simply laughs…

That night, a column of army trucks surrounds the Washington Monument where the Muutorr is reported to be hiding and wait for further orders. With them is General Blankenship, Doctor McNider and Wonder Woman. She leaps out of the jeep and asks for the chance to capture Steve herself before the troops attack. The two men tell her that Steve is not human anymore and that now the man is gone – he might kill her. McNider adds that while they might be able to find an antidote for Steve, the chances are remote.

She resolutely stands by her decision to go in alone and try to save the man she loves. As the nervous soldiers watch, the beautiful Amazon Princess enters the base of the monument. Suddenly, the Muutorr attacks ferociously and she stares up at his eyes which are red with rage. She pleads with him to recognise her as he raises a massive chunk of rubble over his head, intent on crushing her.

She cries out that she loves him and for a moment he hesitates. But the silence is shattered by the sound of a tank opening fire and the Muutorr is struck by the shell, toppling to the ground to the horror of Wonder Woman. She stands at his side, staring down at the motionless giant and cries out in agony – “Steve!”

But as Doctor McNider rushes over to check on his condition he confirms her worst fears…

…Steve Trevor is dead!


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