DC Special Series – 9 – Wonder Woman Spectacular

DC Special Series – 9 – Wonder Woman Spectacular

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
December 1977
Cover Date:
March 1978
Bronze Age
Story Title:
The Cosmic Quest for the Disc of Mars!

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, Dick Giordano
Jack C Harris
Jose Delbo, Steve Ditko
Russ Heath, Dick Ayers, Vince Colletta
Ben Oda, Milt Snappin
Jerry Serpe
Larry Hama


Wonder Woman (Yeoman Diana Prince), Major Steve Trevor, Etta Candy, General Blankenship
The Bombardier
Duke of Deception, Lord Conquest, Earl of Greed, Adolf Hitler, Baroness Paula von Gunther, Red Panzer
Aphrodite, Thor, Mars, Athena
Thomas K Cole
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DC Special series were self contained stories, separate from the regular Comic book run, featuring different characters from the DC Universe. This issue featured a Wonder Woman tale set during World War II and contains a well told, if at times rather complicated plot.


The story opens in New York during the 1940’s where we see a group of fifth columnists trying to steal some important documents. As they try to make their getaway, they are spotted by the military police and a fire fight breaks out.

Suddenly, Wonder Woman arrives on the scene and the columnists turn their gun fire on her. Using her bracelets, she easily deflects the incoming bullets, thinking to herself that she must finish this quickly because she is on her way to meet Steve Trevor (in her Yeomen Prince guise). She swiftly lays low her attackers and hands them over to the military police. She asks the MP’s why they had found it necessary to open fire in a crowded street and they reply that the plans being stolen were more important than a few bystanders.

She replies that “When you forget the individual you become as callous as those your country is fighting against.” He tries to explain that the war may have been lost if the traitors had managed to escape, but he is suddenly ordered to remain silent by an approaching general. A congressman by the name of Thomas K Cole accompanies the general and inquires how exactly she happens to be here? She replies that she is where she is needed and in turn asks him why he is here! But before waiting for a reply she leaps on board her invisible jet and takes off.

Cole thinks to himself that although he knew the two of them were destined to meet, he had no idea it would be so soon. He muses to himself that he will erase her irritating self confidence once and for all…

On board the invisible jet, she thinks to herself that Cole seems to be a nasty sort but putting that aside, she concentrates on getting to her appointment with Steve before he starts to worry where she is. She jumps out of the aircraft and transforms into Yeoman Diana Prince as she descends down to the alleyway behind the building. She assumes that Steve wants to meet her at this warehouse because of the secret project housed inside.

Just then, Steve rushes round the corner, concerned that she has been hit in the gun battle a few minutes before. She tells him she is fine and that she had hid in the alley way when the shooting started. Steve tells her all about Wonder Woman capturing the two spies as they make their way into the warehouse. Inside, there is pandemonium as MPs quickly pack boxes and load them onto the back of a truck. The general sees the two of them approach and Steve informs the general that he has arrived as ordered to check out the security system. The general replies that he is fifteen minutes too late and that the location has now been compromised.

As Steve begins to give his recommendations for tightening future security at the new location, Cole arrives. He tells the general that because Steve is a known companion of Wonder Woman who had been suspiciously at the scene of the attempted theft, his security clearance should be suspended pending further investigation of the Amazon’s role in all of this.

Steve tries to protest but he is ordered to keep quiet by the general. As Cole orders them to be removed from the area, Diana muses to herself that although she should be angry over Cole’s suspicions, perhaps she is being too hard on the government. In truth, what do they really know about Wonder Woman? Maybe she has been too secretive?

As they climb into an angry Steve’s jeep, he informs her that he will drop her off back at the War Office and then see if he can somehow find a way to contact Wonder Woman…

A few hours later, a troubled Steve drives his jeep out of the city and up a hillside road, churning over the fact that his security clearance has been revoked and that a ‘witch hunt’ for Wonder Woman has started. Suddenly, he realises that the steering of his vehicle has locked and unable to control it, his vehicle heads towards the road’s edge and the drop below. He manages to throw himself from the jeep but not in time to avoid the drop. Thankfully for him, Wonder Woman swoops down from her plane overhead and catches his fall.

Once onboard the safety off her plane, Steve tells her that his vehicle had been sabotaged and that he believes it is all connected with the secret project. He also informs her that she too is in trouble because certain members of congress suspect her true loyalties.

She drops him off back in Central Park and suggests that they not be seen together for the time being and as he waves good-bye to her, he wishes someone was watching over her as she watches over him…

Meanwhile on Paradise Island, Hippolyta has watched the previous events and sees Diana once again save the life of Steve Trevor. Her aide asks why she seems troubled and she replies that her daughter is too interested in the young American pilot. She decides that although she had believed that Diana could aid the peaceful men in overcoming their Nazi foes – her daughter’s welfare is more important than the men’s silly war and that she must return home at once!

As the two of them stroll past other Amazons engaged in combat training, the aide asks if Hippolyta’s decision is wise, for what if the war eventually reaches the shores of Paradise Island itself? But the queen feels confident that the Amazons can handle any threat and sticks by her decision. So, as the aide rushes off to recall Diana, Hippolyta continues to muse to herself about the fact that her daughter is falling in love with Steve, and although he represents the best of his sex, Man still continues to inflict hatred and war on his world. She cannot permit Diana to live there any longer.

Just then, the aide rushes back to inform Hippolyta that before she was able to contact Diana she had been asked by Aphrodite to summon the queen. Quickly, the queen goes to the room where the magic sphere is housed and greets the image of the goddess of love. Aphrodite tells the queen that Diana cannot be allowed to return home yet as she has not completed her mission. Also, her abilities will soon be tested in a trial by fire. When Hippolyta inquires what this means, the goddess tells her that the gods of evil are plotting events which will involve her, Diana and the entire world!

While Hippolyta prays for her daughter’s safety, Wonder Woman is again cruising the skies of New York in her invisible jet. She flies to the now deserted warehouse and touching down, makes her way to the front door. However, unseen Nazi figures lurk inside and hear her approach. They whisper to each other that although they arrived too late to find out about the secret project, the accursed Wonder Woman now played right into their hands!

As the unsuspecting Amazon Princess steps inside the darkened warehouse, she hears a click and is instantly struck down by a powerful blast of energy. Her attackers surround her lifeless body, pleased that they have so easily incapacitated her.

One of the figures however, knows that from a previous encounter she will not remain so for long and holding up her wrists, uses a heat ray to fuse her bracelets together, thus robbing her of her strength! And as he lifts her motionless body and carries her out of the warehouse, he lets out a blood curdling laugh of victory…

A few hours later at the War Office, Steve and Etta are beginning to worry about the non-arrival at work of Yeoman Prince. The phone rings and answering it, Steve is told that they are being recalled to Washington. In less than an hour they are onboard a troop train heading towards the nation’s capital, still without Diana…

Meanwhile, our attention turns to Olympus, home of the Gods where a sporting duel is taking place between Thor and Mars. As Athena and Aphrodite watch the spectacle, they debate how Mars is growing stronger each day because of the conflict down on Man’s world. As Thor finally yields to the God of War, Mars leaves the chamber triumphant and soon holds court with his minions – The Duke of Deception, Lord Conquest and the Earl of Greed.

As they congratulate him on his win against Thor, he informs them that his prize will be the control and complete domination of the Earth and all the gods they worship. He then projects an image of the planet, telling them that although some of the peaceful gods wish the conflict on earth to be stopped, he has a new agent there – invincible as along as aided by the war god himself! The agent is endowed with power by a mystical amulet called the Disc of Mars. The disc channels the war force directly into Mars and as long as a warrior wears it, not only does the war god gain power but no harm will befall the warrior wearing it. Finally, as long as the disc possessor is alive – the war cannot end!

Hiding in the shadows, Athena and Aphrodite overhear all of this and know that they must stop Man’s warring ways in order to stop Mars. Only a force of love can help in this situation and they decide to contact the Amazons. However, although the two goddesses know the instrument of power, they do not know who wears it. But there is someone in Man’s world who can find that person – Wonder Woman!

Back in Mar’s sanctuary, he continues plotting. Few on earth know – or even believe in him which is an advantage. To further protect himself, he makes moves to ensure that the one person who does know he exists will soon be eliminated. Laughing, he moves a piece on a chess board – except instead of pawns, they resemble Wonder Woman and Adolf Hitler!

Meanwhile on earth, the Fuehrer himself orders a radio operator to repeat a report he has just received. The operator again confirms that the agent has captured Wonder Woman but Hitler demands to know what of his agent’s actual mission? In a rage, Hitler curses his agent in America, ranting that it is he who gives the orders and that his agent seems to be serving his own purposes and not the Third Reich’s!

Stepping into another chamber he greets the Baroness Von Gunther, telling her that her suspicions had been proven true and that he was now prepared to hear her counter proposal. She smiles arrogantly and indicates the manacled women in the chamber, surrounded by German guards. She asks to speak to the Fuehrer alone and as he dismisses his guards, she cruelly cracks a whip to dismiss her own female slaves. When the two of them are finally alone, she produces a box and tells Hitler that the project she is now perfecting parallels that of the Americans. With it, the Third Reich can become invincible! When Hitler asks her what it is, she begins to explain her sinister plan to him…

That moment, hundreds of miles away in New York city, Wonder Woman finally comes to and quickly realises to her horror that not only has her strength gone, but that she has also been bound with her own lasso. As yet though, she still does not know who her captor is…

In Washington meanwhile, Major Steve Trevor is sitting in front of a congressional hearing who are investigating the mysterious figure known to the public as Wonder Woman. Steve tells them that he cannot give them anymore information than they know already because her frequent appearances and disappearances are as much a mystery to him and they are to them. However, he informs them that each and every time she has appeared her actions have been in the best interests of the country.

The hearing goes on for hours without getting any further and they realise that they cannot continue until Wonder Woman herself appears before them. Cole confirms that she has been subpoenaed but that they cannot locate her to serve it. The hearing is therefore put in recess until she can be found and in the meantime Steve is officially put on extended leave. As Steve leaves the room, reporters bombard him with questions but his mind is only concerned with the whereabouts of the Amazon Princess, as well as his own secretary Yeoman Diana Prince.

In New York, another individual is concerned with the disappearance of the Amazon and decides that it is his duty to find her. Dressed in a flying suit, helmet and goggles, the figure activates his rocket pack and blasts into the night sky, declaring himself to be a hero known as The Bombardier!

As he cruises through the sky, he is overjoyed that his flying invention really works. However, this new, unproven hero focuses on the job at hand, knowing that Wonder Woman is in danger and that the same ‘voice’ which granted him life and power is now directing him straight to her.

Far below in a deserted building, Wonder Woman has at last managed to wriggle free of her own lasso. However, the bracelets are another matter altogether because she still has no strength while they are bound, but if she removes them she will go berserk (due to Aphrodite’s law). Suddenly though, her thoughts are shattered by the crashing sound of the roof above.

The Bombardier, using his amazing fire power, burns his way through the rest of the ceiling, exclaiming that she is now safe. She sarcastically replies that she did not know she was in any immediate danger and then jumps to the conclusion that with his unique burning power, he must have been responsible for fusing her bracelets together!

Although her strength is greatly reduced, she uses her bound fists to punch him, demanding to be set free. Before she can land another blow, he fires at her. But his intentions are not to hurt but to blast apart her bracelets, which he does. Free at last, she is confused but the Bombardier assures her that he was not the one who had originally bound them together. She asks him who he is, and although he does not reveal his real name, he explains that he had been a fighter pilot in the early days of the war. He had been shot down and as his plane crashed, he had heard a voice which said ” You wish power? You wish life? Go. You will live, and strength will be yours in time of need!”.

He had thought the whole episode an hallucination until a few days ago, when the voice returned and told him that Wonder Woman would soon be facing danger. While the Amazon wonders whether her mother may have possibly sent a man to rescue her, Hippolyta is taking in the ramifications of her conversation with Aphrodite.

The goddess has told her that Diana must locate the disc of Mars and Hippolyta realises that her desire to bring her daughter home has come too late. She knows it will take Diana an eternity to locate all the warriors of the world in order to find the one wearing the amulet. However, she knows she must put her personal feelings aside and orders her Amazons to prepare for a potential threat from Mars.

On Olympus, the two goddesses realises that having warned the Amazons, all they can do now is wait. Suddenly, Mars himself smashes through the door and he tells them that he knows of their scheming. He tells them that now he has defeated the Norse god, the Valkyries have joined his own harpies in an all out attack on Paradise Island!

Onboard the invisible jet, Wonder Woman and her new found companion try to locate the individual who had captured her. She feels certain that her quarry has confronted her before and knows her weaknesses. She also believes that this same person was responsible for sabotaging Steve’s vehicle and the theft attempt at the warehouse.

Back on the ground, the person she looks for has returned to find that the Amazing Amazon has escaped. Furious, that she has thwarted his mission and has escaped his personal vengeance, he declares that she must die. At last he reveals himself to be – the Red Panzer! He had previously battled Wonder Woman almost to a standstill before she managed to put him away in an American prison. But fifth columnists smuggled him out and the Fuehrer himself had then entrusted Panzer with the sabotage of America’s greatest secret.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman is still unsure whether the Bombardier had been guided to her rescue by Hippolyta and she therefore decides to contact her mother using the mental radio. But to her surprise she cannot reach her. Just as Bombardier inquires what the matter is, he suddenly hears his ‘voice’, who tells him that in his other identity he can find information that can send him ‘into the greatest of battles’. He then asks the Amazon Princess if she will fly him to Washington, which she does.

At the warehouse, Panzer suddenly hears a scuffle behind him. He turns to see his henchmen sprawled on the floor, held down by a couple of women. As he steps towards them, Paula Von Gunther steps out of the shadows and warns him off – or else the Fuehrer will be offended. He demands she explains herself, but she tells him to hold his tongue. She then tells him that she has defended his position because she needs his genius. As her slave girls secure the warehouse, she holds up a box and says that with it, the two of them can become the world power overnight.

He asks her what she needs him for if the project is complete and she replies that she wants him to duplicate it. His genius can construct the additional components they need and that to refuse would be to refuse the Fatherland!

Sometime later at the Pentagon, Yeoman Diana Prince at last arrives at general Blankenship’s office. Steve asks her where she has been and she replies that she has been with Wonder Woman. Quickly, she fills them in on the previous events and the general decides that “Project Judgement” cannot be held up any longer. As he telephones the White House to get the congressional restraints lifted though, they are suddenly summoned to the war room. They are told that congress has been hoping that “Project Judgement” would be finished before the German advance but that they have failed. And as the grim news sinks in, Cole secretly revels in the fact that America is at last losing a major battle!

The beautiful Amazon Princess wastes no time however in making a swift exit and transforming into Wonder Woman, makes a supersonic flight to the battle front in Europe. Below she can see the battle raging, seemingly as if the allies have something missing – some driving force from the fight for peace – something that makes the powerful enemy they face seem all the more powerful. But maybe the added presence of Wonder Woman can sway the tide – together with that of the Bombardier And so the two heroes throw themselves into battle…

Back in New York, Paula and Panzer report back to Hitler, confirming that duplication of the object is possible. The Fuehrer is pleased and informs them that because the Americans have been unable to complete their own “Project Judgement”, his troops are already overrunning them on the battlefield. They celebrate their impending victory and the two of them prepare to return home to Germany.

On Olympus, Mars, Athena and Aphrodite watch the terrible battle raging down on earth. The love goddess finally cannot take the slaughter anymore and draws her sword. She tells Mars that she has always sworn that women would conquer men with love – but now she realises that before love can win, hate must die. Mars easily blocks her blow and Athena desperately tries to appeal to the love goddesses, telling her that Mars feeds on her hate. She replies that wisdom dictates love can slay any man in his heart and with that, she strikes the war god with the sword.

However, the blade simply shatters and he laughs mockingly, telling her that as the power of war sweeps the earth, the power of love dies! Enraged, Aphrodite screams at him that love can never die and attacks him once again. And so conflict erupts here too, to match those battles already raging in Europe and on Paradise Island.

God battles Goddess….

Soldier battles soldier…

Amazon battles monster…

On Paradise Island, Queen Hippolyta continues to lead her warriors against the invading hordes. Although so far their losses are small, they are being pushed back. With each fatality, the forces of Mars seem to gain power until the Amazons are forced to fall back to the city to make a last stand. The queen knows she must contact her daughter and urge her to locate the disc of Mars and destroy it before it is too late.

Back in America, and Paula Von Gunther and the Red Panzer have arrived at the beach to make a rendezvous with their U-boat pick up. An MP stands guard on the beach though and Paula uses one of her female slaves to distract him long enough to knock him out. Quickly, they signal the sub and Paula casually shoots her slaves dead, telling Panzer they are dispensable. Once on board, they commence their journey back to the Fatherland.

Elsewhere in the halls of Olympus, Mars holds Aphrodite aloft by her hair, declaring that love is defeated. He tells her that he will keep her alive allowing her to battle him periodically, so total war will continue. Taking particular enjoyment from the spectacle is Hercules, who taunts the Goddess of love. He reminds her that long ago, Hippolyta and her Amazons defeated him and his army with the force of love. He has waited a long time to see them fall to the power of war!

She spiritedly replies that women shall conquer men with love and Mars and his cronies roar with laughter. Dropping her to the floor, he strides out of the room as Athena and the other peaceful gods rush over to the defeated goddess.

On earth, the magnificent Amazon known to the world as Wonder Woman experiences her first battle in the war of men. Dodging machine gun fire and tank shells, she gallantly fights on although she too can feel the spectre of defeat sweeping over the allied troops.

Although she is managing to hold her own, the American troops are falling back and cannot hold out much longer. Meanwhile, the Bombardier is also standing firm, wondering why his ‘voice’ wants him to watch over the Amazon Princess, who can so obviously take care of herself. He also fight valiantly, but he is a different sort of warrior. His lust for battle is not derived from patriotism but a perverted love of killing and carnage – a love of battle.

Wonder Woman eventually orders him to stop, saying that the battle is lost and the Germans have broken through the west flank. As the allies retreat, he finally surveys the carnage of the battlefield around him. He turns to her and apologises. She replies that his seeming enjoyment of the battle can be blamed on fatigue but he interrupts her, explaining that he had also mistrusted her and her motives and had tried to curtail her activities. When she stares at him puzzled, he removes his goggles so that she can clearly see his face – the face of congressman Cole!

She tells him not to blame himself and orders her invisible plane to land. Together they board the aircraft and she again tries to contact her mother on Paradise Island. This time she succeeds and Hippolyta explains the situation. Arriving back at Washington, the Bombardier asks to be let out at Capitol Hill where he promises to help her in a few small matters. Next, she changes back into her Yeomen Prince guise and returns to the War Office.

Three quarters of an hour later, General Blankenship is briefing Diana, Etta and Steve on the next steps. With America’s “Project Judgement” sabotaged and delayed so badly, the Germans have had time to complete their own version. The mission now therefore is to destroy theirs before they have time to activate it.

When Diana asks what the nature of “Project Judgement” is, the general replies that there is no time to explain. He then informs Steve that he has received a congressional order signed by Congressman Cole, reinstating Major Trevor and granting Wonder Woman full status as a special operative of the United States Government. Steve is now in charge of stopping the German’s project and he wonders how he can get in contact with Wonder Woman to let her know that the heat is off. Diana, of course, knows that Wonder Woman is already aware of the fact!

A little later, the general is leading them down the corridor of a nearby Federal prison and fills them in on what they already know about the German project. They enter a room where one of Paula Von Gunther’s girls, with her arm bandaged, is being held. Having been found wounded on the beach, she was brought to the prison where she revealed an incredible story.

As she begins to cry, Diana comforts her and the former slave girl reveals a shocking tale of how American girls are kidnapped by the Baroness, trained to obey the Third Reich and then loosed in America to spy and sabotage. When Steve asks her about “Project Judgement” she replies that the Baroness had spoken of it and said she needed the genius of a captured scientist who they had then helped break free. When she reveals his name to be Red Panzer, Diana realises that it was he who had captured her…

In Germany meanwhile, the Baroness Paula Von Gunther and the Red Panzer arrive at Hitler’s HQ. The Fuehrer asks whether they have completed the duplication of the device, but Paula secretly intends to obtain all three sections of the device for herself so that she can rule the world in Hitler’s place. At the same time, Red Panzer considers his own options, plotting to use the device for his own goals. And finally, Hitler himself ponders his own hidden agenda, planning to eliminate the other two as soon as the device has been tested. But the thoughts are hidden from each other and together, they step through a doorway to gaze upon the completed device…

In a Pentagon corridor meanwhile, Yeomen Prince transforms into Wonder Woman and quickly catches up with Major Trevor. Once onboard her invisible jet, he briefs her on what the slave girl has revealed, describing a device called the Cyclosonitron, together with its secret location in Germany. As she sets course accordingly, he continues to explain that the device is based on sound. It can amplify sound waves to such a degree that the Americans had called their project “Judgement” – like Gabriel’s Horn. Just then, the Bombardier appears alongside the craft and he offers to help…

As Hitler, Paula and Panzer take in the glory of the newly completed Cyclosonitron, they prepare to activate it. Suddenly, the wall crumbles and Wonder Woman and the Bombardier charge in. Stunned into silence, the two Nazi super villains fail to notice the quick exit of their Fuehrer Snapping out of his stupor, Panzer opens fire on the advancing Amazon but she easily avoids his cannons. She can see that the Nazi has a box in his hand, and her heart quickens. Could this be the Mars Disc?

She pounds the Panzer, sending the box flying into the air. However, when she catches and opens it, she is disappointed to find some electrical gadget. Suddenly, she hears a warning shout from the Bombardier and turns to see the Red Panzer about to strike. But before he can, the Bombardier opens fire and the blast causes the circuits in Panzer’s suit to short circuit, allowing the Amazon to deliver a knockout blow.

As Bombardier asks whether the box contains the disc or not, bullets whizz past Wonder Woman as Paula Von Gunther opens fire on her. Fearlessly, she charges into the hail of bullets and using her magic lasso, snares Paula’s firing hand. The Amazing Amazon sees that Paula has her own box and taking it from her opens it, only to reveal yet another electronic gadget!

Suddenly, Bombardier alerts her to the fact that the Nazis are attempting to fire the Cyclosonitron and that they have to stop it. He tells her that this project is Germany’s only hope and that Hitler himself is here, overseeing its completion. Just then Wonder Woman has a flash of inspiration. Hitler! What other madman would the God of War entrust the disc too? As the they race to the firing console however they find they are too late, as the Fuehrer activates the device!

Back on Paradise Island, the queen and her Amazons are desperately trying to make their way to the palace. As she orders the doctor to remove the wounded, a harpy tries to attack her from behind. Although she manages to shoot it in time, she sees that instead of killing it, she merely pushes it backwards. She knows that the forces of Mars are gaining strength all the time and as she and the others make their way, one of the other Amazons asks why Mars does not simply send Hercules and his army to finish them off. Hippolyta replies that Mars wants the conflict to continue and that the harpies have now retreated even though they have clearly defeated the Amazons.

As the queen looks out of the window, she can see the ruins of the city and can hear the cries of wounded. She silently pleads for her daughter to be successful but can even she single handedly save the world?

At that moment in Germany, Wonder Woman is trying to do just that. Using her lasso to deflect the sound blast, she tells Bombardier to fuse the controls. He does so, but is unsure as to her plan, because he knows that with the controls fused, they cannot shut it off. Quickly, she leads him out of the building just in time before the Cyclosonitron blasts itself to atoms!

Wonder Woman, Bombardier and Steve watch the burning rubble and although the Hitler and his Nazis have escaped, Project Judgement is at an end. Major Trevor says that although they will scrap the project, they will no doubt simply move on to something else that will further their love of war. “Love of War?” the Amazon repeats. Instantly, she realises where the disc is and turns to the Bombardier She remembers how he had enjoyed the battle against the advancing Nazi troops, how he loved war and how he possessed mystical powers. It could only mean that he is the agent of Mars and tearing at his flight suit, reveals the amulet around his neck!

Instantly, he begins to transform, taking on the shape of Mars. He opens fire on the Amazon, taking her by surprise. However, she soon recovers and vows that the disc will be destroyed – even if she has to die!

Suddenly, from across the cosmos she hears the words of Aphrodite – “Women shall conquer men with love!” and with that she attacks. Taking him completely by surprise, she plants a kiss on his lips while at the same time ripping the amulet from around his neck. With one crush of her hand, the disc is shattered and Mars lets out an anguished scream!


Washington DC, and Steve Trevor is talking with congressmen Cole, who knows that he had been possessed by the God of War but is now determined to end the war as quickly as possible.

On Paradise Island meanwhile, Hippolyta is in conversation with Aphrodite through the magic sphere. She asks that now the disc is destroyed, will the war end soon? The Goddess of Love replies that no one really knows, but that now Mars has suffered such an ignoble defeat, he is at his weakest. The Americans and the allies can push forward for freedom as long as they have love in their hearts. For her part, Hippolyta realises that her daughter’s mission is more important than any fears she might have for her safety, and that her heart is hers to give away.

For Diana will someday be looked upon as a symbol of freedom for men and women alike – a true Wonder Woman!

The End