Superman vs Wonder Woman (Limited Collectors’ Edition C54)

Superman vs Wonder Woman (Limited Collectors’ Edition C54)

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
October 1977
Cover Date:
Bronze Age
Story Title:
Superman vs Wonder Woman

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, Dan Adkins
Gerry Conway
Jose Luis Garcia Lopez
Dan Adkins
Gaspar Saladino
Jerry Serpe
Joe Orlando


Wonder Woman (Diana Prince), Steve Trevor
Superman (Kal El/Clark Kent)
Baron Blitzkreig, Sumo the Samurai
Lois Lane, Admiral Nimitz, Albert Einstein, Perry White, Professor Adamson, President Franklin Roosevelt
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This special Treasury sized Collectors Edition was one of several that were published around this period, which pitched high profile characters against opponents whom you would never expect them to be seen fighting, such as Spiderman and even Mohammed Ali! This particular issue however took on the normally ‘taboo’ subject of whether Superman was stronger than Wonder Woman or vice versa.

The subject had normally been avoided in so much that DC Comics did not want to send out a negative message should Wonder Woman be shown to be thrashed by a man, even if he was a ‘Super’ man. Similarly, they also did not want to portray their most famous and powerful male character getting his backside kicked by a mere female! Eventually though, the temptation of telling such a story and pitting the ‘super’ man against the ‘wonder’ woman proved too great.

The story is set during World War II and recounts the tale in the form of top secret reports to the President. The artwork is truly sumptuous and is helped by the large format, allowing for big panels to be used. The plot is extremely mature and thought-provoking for such a Comic book and deals with some lofty issues, as well as the actual showdown between the Man of Steel and the Amazon Princess itself.

But what is the answer to the question on everyone’s lips – who would win the ultimate battle of the sexes? Well, after all the hype the ultimate battle of the sexes eventually ended in a draw with no clear cut winner!


Report One

The story commences not long after the Battle of Midway in the Pacific, where one of the US aircraft carriers has just come under attack by some Japanese Zeros. However, before the Americans can even get a chance to open fire on their attackers, Superman appears in the skies above and puts himself between the Japanese and the US warship. Luckily for the Americans, Clark Kent, ace reporter, had been on the island itself finishing off his report on the recent battle.

The Japanese unleash several rounds of machine gun fire at the Kryptonian but the bullets simply bounce of his chest. As he uses his x-ray vision he is surprised to see that there are no actual pilots onboard the aircraft. Instead, they are being controlled by some sort of computer!

He realises that these pilotless planes make the perfect kamikaze bomber and immediately destroys the planes in mid air. His super hearing then detects a noise coming from the ocean not far from the carrier and he dives into the water to investigate. He discovers a Japanese submarine and crashes through the hull taking the crew by total surprise. As the sub begins to flood they quickly blow their tanks and surface, allowing the Americans to pull alongside and take the Japanese prisoners. His job done, Superman realises that he must speak to Admiral Nimitz as soon as possible in order to tell him of an important discovery he has just made after having questioned the Japanese sub commander.

Meanwhile, back on Midway Island, Lois Lane is speaking with the Admiral himself and becoming angry at Clark’s disappearance, just as they get to see some action too! Suddenly, Superman drops down from the sky with the Japanese Sub commander in tow and asks to speak with Nimitz in private. As they step inside the Admiral’s office Lois is left to fume outside!

Superman explains to Nimitz that the attack had been a diversion to allow another sub to slip through the American defenses. This other sub is carrying a highly skilled Japanese agent to Mexico where he is supposed to team up in a joint German – Japanese plot to disrupt something code named the ‘Manhattan Project’. Superman, unaware of the nature of the project, asks the Admiral whether this means trouble or not. Admiral Nimitz replies that indeed it does spell trouble and that he will have to contact the Secretary of War in Washington right away!

A little later, Superman is walking with Lois and apologises for being so brusque earlier on. She replies that she is not mad at him but at Clark Kent and he tells her that Clark has already left for Washington twenty minutes earlier. As Lois fumes once more at being left in the lurch by her colleague, Admiral Nimitz appears again and tells Superman that he must report to the War Department back in Washington immediately, because the Secretary of War wishes to brief him personally.

Flying at super speed, the Man of Steel arrives in the US Capital around 3 a.m. As he drops down in front of the War Department, the sentry guards raise their rifles but the Secretary himself appears at the door and orders them to let Superman in. And as the Secretary of War disappears inside with Superman to reveal the true nature of the Manhattan Project, the two guards thank their lucky stars that they had not actually had to tackle the Man of Steel for real!

Report Two

The story then goes back in time to the same moment that Superman had confronted the Japanese fighters over Midway. This time, however, the place is just outside the White House in Washington DC and the figure in

eport Twored blue and gold is the Amazon Princess known as Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman deals with the Nazi thugs swiftly!She has just happened upon two men leaving the White House in a car who now find themselves under attack by Nazi thugs. She drops down from the sky and tells the two men, who have been dragged from the vehicle, to stand back while she tackles the Nazis. As she charges at one of the thugs, she wonders to herself why men must constantly use force against each other. She muses on the fact that since she left her home on Paradise Island, all she has done is find herself in one senseless battle after another.

As she hurls her quarry against a nearby wall however her thoughts are cut short as she sees him explode on impact. She realises that he had been wearing explosives and in horror, guesses that the others are also human bombs prepared to sacrifice themselves. She knows she must act fast and lifts the car up above her head as the others charge at her. She can see their zombie like stares and knows there is only one thing to do. With that, she hurls the car at the Nazis who detonate on impact in a fireball!

One of the two men she had saved begins to thank her but she suddenly hears the squealing of tyres and sees a nearby car drive away fast. She deduces that the occupants have been watching the whole fight and leaping onto her invisible plane, takes off in hot pursuit.

She trails the mystery car to Washington airport and, making sure of its final destination, pauses to make a personal phone call. She uses a nearby public call box and phones Major Steve Trevor, telling him that she (as Yeoman Prince) will be unable to review the budget file as scheduled for that evening because something else has come up. Although Major Trevor stresses that the review is very important, she replies that the situation that has arisen is ‘potentially explosive’ and he accepts her apology for not attending. As she races out of the phone booth, a passing GI does a double take as he sees the gorgeous Amazon rush by!

An hour or so later Diana, in her Yeoman Prince guise, is walking through Grand Central Station having followed the occupants of the car as they firstly boarded a plane bound for La Guardia airport, then taken another car to New York city itself before finally arriving here at the railway station. She puzzles as to why these men had tried to kill an FBI agent and his prisoner back at the White House earlier that day and what they would subsequently want on a train here in New York. Her thoughts are cut short though as she sees a scuffle down on one of the platforms.

Quickly, she dives behind a luggage trolley and emerges as Wonder Woman. She sees that her quarry are now attacking an old man and she is increasingly confused by their actions. First they sponsor an attack using human bombs and now they assault a defenseless old man!? She wastes no time and throws a devastating punch at one of the men, sending him crashing into another. A third thug comes up behind her to try and cosh her over the head with his gun, but she blocks the move and replies with a powerful punch to his abdomen.

Suddenly, gunfire rings out and she blocks the bullets flying towards her with her bracelets. Another thug, hiding behind one of the pillars, continues to fire upon her as she races towards him until finally, she silences him with another jaw pounding blow!

The old man thanks her for saving him and introduces himself as – Albert Einstein, the famous Nobel Prize winner. Just then some FBI agents come running onto the scene. They check to make sure he is unharmed and explain that they had been lured to another part of the station by a decoy. He replies that although he had disagreed with the proposal that he be closely guarded by the government, he has now decided that perhaps that was not necessarily such a bad idea! Meanwhile, an unseen figure hides in the shadows watching the Doctor’s movements…

Later that night, Yeoman Prince is having a heated discussion with her boss, Major Trevor. She has told him what has happened earlier that day and he has replied that she must have been mistaken. There had been no reports of an FBI agent being attacked that afternoon and no reports of an attack on Albert Einstein either! She tells him that she had seen it with her own eyes and that other people had seen it too! He again dismisses her protestations and tells her that someone is pulling her leg!

After Major Trevor leaves the office, she can barely contain her anger and frustration at his stubbornness. She decides that while the FBI may wish to deny all knowledge of the day’s events, she has other ways of proving it. Sneaking into the office of the Combined Intelligence Service, she rifles through the filing cabinets until she finds a photo of the agent who she had seen attacked earlier that day. The notation on the photo seems a little cryptic to her though – and she decides to ask a friend she has in the Secretary of War’s Office to find out what ‘Manhattan Project’ means.

A little later though, after having phoned her friend, she remains none the wiser. Indeed, although her colleague had been friendly enough on first answering the phone, she had all but frozen up on hearing the words ‘Manhattan Project’. She realises that something very big must be happening and that all the secrecy worries her, because men always draw curtains when they choose to do something awful. She decides for the good of humanity that she must find out what is being hidden…

Report Three

The next report is written by a US Spy working under cover with the joint German – Japanese team in Mexico. It begins as the special Japanese operative arrives on the shoreline after having been dropped off by his submarine. The German operative, who watches his approach, wears a steel mask which hides his face and a brief history of the strange and powerful figure is then revealed…

He is a Baron of Prussian nobility and is a great friend of Hitler himself. He had commanded a concentration camp in Poland during 1940 until a young Jewish chemist had thrown a bottle of acid at his face, scarring him for life. The Baron had subsequently undergone an operation to try and save his face but this had proved unsuccessful. The Fuehrer therefore ordered the doctors to provide the Baron with something else instead and they proceeded to use an experimental series of drugs on him, designed to release the mind’s full potential. The drugs gave the Baron the ability to control his body’s full energy store at any given moment, providing him with vast strength and lightning speed. Complete with his metal mask, he became known as Baron Blitzkrieg!

As the Baron watches his Japanese counterpart approach he greets the foreboding Samurai, whose name is Sumo. They exchange pleasantries and the Baron leads Sumo to his villa. He tells Sumo that there is a prisoner that the Samurai must interrogate but as they walk through the door, the prisoner appears from another entrance with machine gun in hand, having escaped his guards.

The Baron waits no time and grabs the man by the throat, hurling him against the wall. He picks up the dazed American and asks Sumo to use his special skills to question the prisoner, to see whether his Eastern techniques prove any better than those of the Fuehrer

Without replying, the towering Samurai lifts the prisoner as if he was a rag doll and stares deeply into his eyes. Unable to look away, the American becomes completely entranced and begins to reveal top secret information about Project Manhattan, including its whereabouts in Los Alamos and Oak Ridge.

Having got the information he wants, Sumo gently lowers the now limp American down onto the floor. The Baron is suitably impressed and reveals that although his men had captured this scientist some weeks ago, they had only managed to get general information from their prisoner. But now thanks to Sumo, they had locations! The Baron tells the still impassive Samurai that once they have stolen the two sections of the nuclear reactor housed at Los Alamos and Oak Ridge respectively, the world will be theirs!

Report Four

Deep in the bowls of the War Department in Washington D.C., Yeoman Diana Prince makes her way through the Intelligence Command Centre. She approaches a room marked with the same security clearance class as the file she had examined the previous night. She knows she must get inside the room which has an armed soldier posted outside.

She sneaks up another corridor and finds a fuse box. Quickly, she causes the fuses to blow sending the entire floor into darkness. In the ensuing pandemonium, she manages to slip by the guard and into the room which contains many filing cabinets. She eventually finds one marked ‘Manhattan Project’ and deftly bypasses the combination lock. As she removes the file the guard hears a noise inside a races in. Diana uses the advantage of the blackout to clout the soldier over the head, allowing her to leave the room. Although she feels bad about hitting the guard, she knows that finding out what the Manhattan Project is all about is just too vital.

She opens a nearby elevator door and climbs up the lift cables to her own floor. She muses over whether her gut feelings are right and whether the Americans are truly involved with something so potentially dangerous as to threaten the world. When she finally reaches her own office, she opens the file and reads its contents. And cannot believe her eyes…

In moments she has changed into Wonder Woman and boards her invisible plane. She flies home to Paradise Island to seek her mother’s counsel. Hippolyta can see the worries of the world on her daughter’s face and proceeds to listen as Diana reveals her discovery. She explains that her fears are founded on Man’s weakness for violence and her own belief that even a good man may use any means to achieve victory over his enemies, even if by doing so he becomes as bad as they.

She then tells Hippolyta that the Americans are building a bomb based on the principle of atomic fission. This atomic bomb will be capable of destroying a hundred thousand lives indiscriminately! They are doing so because they fear their enemies will build one first. Diana tells her mother that she is afraid they may actually use it and therefore unleash demons upon the world more terrible than those freed by Pandora!

Hippolyta knows that Diana cares for the American people and taking her daughter by the hand, she leads her away to discuss the matter further. By the end of the conversation Diana knows what course of action to take…

Meanwhile, Superman arrives at the offices of the Daily Planet in Metropolis and after a quick change, emerges as humble reporter Clark Kent. He is greeted by a furious Lois Lane who says that because of him, she has raced back from Midway Island because she thought that he was going to beat her back to Metropolis with the photo story. But when she finally arrived she had discovered that she had rushed back for nothing because Kent had never actually shown up!

Her tirade is interrupted by Perry White who tells them that he is running a paper here and orders them back to work! As Lois and Clark get behind their typewriters and she continues to moan about how they would have had the story ready hours ago if it had not been for Clark, their boss rushes back out of his office with a telemessage in his hands, hot of the printer. To the amazement of everyone in the office he announces that Chicago has just come under attack – not from the Nazis but from WONDER WOMAN!

Clark thinks fast, assuming that the Amazon Princess has lost her mind and knows that if ever there was a job for Superman – then this is it!

Report Five

Wonder Woman whallops Superman into the sky using the lampost!Several moments later he is flying at super speed to the Chicago University campus. As he approaches he feels a chill up his spine as he sees Wonder Woman swinging a lamppost as if it were a baseball bat. She is effortlessly destroying one of the disused buildings and he cannot help but be impressed at her strength.

He decides that the best course of action is to try and reason with her first and he touches down, yelling at her to listen to him in the name of the Justice Society. But her reply comes in the form of a powerful blow with the lamppost, sending the Man of Steel flying up and away before finally landing in the river a couple of miles away. She is determined that no one will stop her – not even her friend and colleague from the Justice Society!

For his part, Superman becomes enraged at the unprovoked attack and races back at full speed. Before she has time to react he hits her with a punishing blow, sending her slamming into the wall of the building!

As she struggles to her feet, she tells him that he has just made the biggest mistake of his life. She has come here to destroy a nuclear reactor built somewhere on the University campus – as soon as she has dealt with him that is!

Moving swiftly, she grabs him by the collar and bowls him to the ground. As her momentum carries her forward she sails over the top of him and hauls him from behind up and over her head. With a final toss she sends him flying through a nearby window.

Superman punches Wonder Woman and sends her flying through a brick wall!Superman, confused by her actions, asks her what she is talking about and she replies that she is trying to stop the loss of countless thousands of lives through the use of atomic weapons. She explains that her decision to destroy the American atomic project is not an easy one, because she believes in American morality and wants desperately to believe that they would not use such a device. But her mother had advised her to remove the atomic temptation altogether and therefore remove it she shall!

Superman can see that the Amazon Princess is genuinely angry and that she believes that what she is doing is right. He, however, has grown up in the United States and has come to trust his adopted country. After having had his briefing with the Secretary of War a few days ago, he knows that the Americans do not have a choice.

Suddenly, a large amount of rubble plummets down around them from the smashed building and they quickly escape before the whole building comes down.

Using the pause in hostilities, he reasons with Wonder Woman that they cannot keep fighting, even though so far they have only destroyed condemned warehouses around the University. She asks him whether he is giving in but he tells her no. He proposes that they settle their disagreement the only way possible – by way of Trail by Combat! However, they must do so in a place where no one can be harmed except him and Wonder Woman. She agrees but asks him where? He thinks for a moment…

Meanwhile, at the Los Alamos research centre in Mexico, Sumo hides in the undergrowth just outside the perimeter gate. He checks his watch and knows that he must time this perfectly with the Baron, who is hiding just outside the Oak Ridge research centre in Tennessee hundreds of miles away…

Back with Superman and Wonder Woman, they are making their way to the moon in order to continue their fight. Superman does not require air to breath but the Amazon Princess now wears a super strong transparent Amazon space helmet. As they swoop down over Tycho crater, they both see what look like the ruins of an ancient city, long since destroyed. As her invisible plane touches down, she continues to be fascinated by this exciting discovery and the Man of Steel agrees that it is something they should study after their contest. His mind is more focused on the task at hand however, and he rams the unprepared Wonder Woman off her plane, sending her flying!

As she gets to her feet and sees the red and blue blur of her opponent streaking towards her she realises that although he is her friend, she must have no questions of conscience. Using all her might, she clouts him with a double handed blow, hitting him so hard that had they not been in the vacuum of space, the blast from the blow would have echoed for a hundred miles!

As he is sent flying, he too realises that he has been pulling his own punches because his opponent is both a woman and a friend. As of right now though, that ends!

He finally collides with one of the massive stone columns from the ruined city and using his super strength, lifts the massive carving above his head…

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman has suddenly noticed that the ruins have a strange glow emanating from them and she suddenly realises that the ruins are radioactive. She calls out to Superman, telling him that the people who once lived here must have died during an atomic war. Unfortunately for her, Superman is no longer listening and as he hurls the huge column at her, she feels the full impact of the massive projectile as it slams into her!

Back down on Earth, both the Baron and Sumo have launched attacks on their respective targets. Sumo easily disposes of the gate guards and rushes into the complex. Using his Samurai sword, he effortlessly cuts down all who stand in his way. Finally he reaches the main laboratory and grabs his prize – one half of the nuclear reactor component. As more guards arrive on the scene, they hold their fire in case they hit the device but attempt to grab the fleeing Samurai. They live to regret it…

At Oakridge, the Baron has also breached the perimeter security and using a large stone column, swats the defending guards out of the way as if they were flies. He sends his own men ahead to the laboratory while he deals with the remaining guards. Soon he has the second half of the reactor component in his grasp and he and his men make their escape.

Twenty six minutes later some military top brass arrive at the Palomar Observatory. In the light of the reactor thefts, Washington has gone crazy and has been desperately trying to locate Superman by way of a nation wide bulletin. As a result of this appeal, a Professor Adamson from the observatory has called Washington to say that he knows the whereabouts of Superman. Now, as they stare in surprise, Adamson tells them that the Man of Steel is currently on the moon fighting Wonder Woman!

Fifteen minutes later, and our two heroes are still slugging it out when Wonder Woman suddenly sees something back on Earth. As Superman looks as well they see the lights on America’s coasts blinking on and off. As they continue to wink on and off, he suddenly realises that they are spelling out SOS in Morse code!

Report Six

Back at Baron Blitzkrieg’s villa, the Nazi super agent is becoming increasingly angry. It appears that his Japanese counterpart has not met up as planned and he is beginning to suspect that Sumo has betrayed him. He swears that if the Japanese Warrior has double crossed him then he will track him down and skin him alive!

Meanwhile, Superman and Wonder Woman have returned to Washington and have been briefed on the situation by the Secretary of War, who asks if there is anything they can do. The Amazon Princess replies that although she does not approve of the American’s desire for atomic weapons she, in turn, does not want them to fall into the hands of the Nazis either.

Superman agrees to help too, but he is confused as to how they can have stolen a working model when he had been told in his prior briefings that the scientist were months away from creating a sustained nuclear reaction. The Secretary explains that apparently this smaller model is highly unstable and although it works, has some faulty element in the mechanism which may very well explode on activation! This is the reason why it was stored in two sections, as well as for security purposes.

As Superman and Wonder Woman prepare to set off in different directions to track down the two sections, the Man of Steel suggests that maybe they can reason out their ‘little disagreement’ later…

And so, as Superman flies south Wonder Woman flies her invisible plane west, using a sensitive Geiger Counter supplied by the War Department to help track down the reactor sections. She can see from the tracker that one half of the reactor appears to be heading towards the Pacific and she deduces that it is on its way to Japan.

Ten hours later, as she approaches the main coastline of Japan, she suddenly finds herself under fire from three Japanese Zeros. She avoids their gunfire and uses one of her wings to slice through an attacking fighter craft…

Thousands of miles away, Superman has followed his trail firstly to Mexico and then here to Louisiana. As he drops down into the streets of New Orleans, he spies a drunkard sitting on the side walk. He tells the old man that he will buy him breakfast if he will answer a few questions. He then asks the drunk whether he has been sitting here all night and the old man replies that he has been there since the previous afternoon. Superman then asks if he has seen any strange people and he confirms that he saw some strange, foreign speaking men enter a large building across the street. Promising to return to settle the breakfast for the old man, he races across the street and through the front door of the house, startling the Nazi agents inside who are having breakfast.

Far away on Honshu, main island of the Japanese empire, a lone figure watches Wonder Woman’s plane touch down. The Amazing Amazon disembarks and strides towards the emotionless Sumo who waits for her. She demands to know the whereabouts of the reactor section but he replies that he cannot tell her. She in turn tells him that her Geiger counter indicates that it must be nearby and that he also fits the description of the man who single handedly attacked Los Alamos.

He replies that he is not trying to be stubborn and that he does not wish to fight her, but it is a matter of honour. Though he disagrees with the war ministers who have led his country into conflict, he has no choice but to obey them. He therefore tells her that if she tries to take the reactor she will die. She replies that she understands his predicament, but that no matter what his strength is, no man can defeat an Amazon!

He responds by telling her that he is more than a man – more than a Samurai. He has the will and the power! Speaking softly, with the calm of a man trying to explain the absurdity of a contemplated deed, he tells her of his childhood. He speaks of the years of training at the school of ancient Samurai and how he was the only one chosen to sip the sacred potion of power, composed of special herbs and forbidden roots. He speaks of the change which came over him and how in one year he grew to his present height, became stronger, more agile and faster. Now he possesses a control of his physical senses which would make a sighted man seem blind!

Wonder Woman knows he speaks the truth but she also knows that this deadly game has to end and she launches herself at the Samurai. But he easily grabs her in mid air and throws her over his head, sending her slamming into the ground. He tells her that he has already betrayed the Baron this day, because he does not want Germany to have this weapon even though that country is considered an ally. He therefore has no wish for the Americans to have it either!

Wonder Woman grabs the embedded stone that Sumo is standing upon and lifts it up, sending Sumo toppling. She replies that all men are alike and worship war and triumph – yet in an atomic war there is no winner!

Back in New Orleans, Superman is mopping up the Nazi agents when he suddenly feels a hand on his shoulder. Before he can react Baron Blitzkrieg hits him with a powerful punch sending him flying across the room. A surprised Superman realises that the Baron is as strong as Wonder Woman, if not stronger!

The Baron tells Superman that he is awaiting the arrival of his U Boat pick up, but in the meantime he will now have the opportunity to demonstrate his superior power on Superman. However, the Man of Steel uses the moment to fire his heat vision at the Baron who only just manages to avoid the blast…

On the other side of the world, the Amazing Amazon continues her struggle against Sumo. As she once again throws herself at the defending Samurai, he catches her and uses her momentum to hurl her head first into the ground. Dazed, she attempts to get to her feet as Sumo hefts a large boulder over his head, ready to crush the fallen Amazon. But she summons her senses just in time to chop the rock in half as he slams it down on top of her.

She knows she must end this battle soon or else he will kill her and she removes her magic lasso, planning to loop him within its coils and force him to surrender. But as she throws it she sees something in his eyes and she is amazed to see him catch the golden rope before it can even reach him! He uses his advantage to pull Wonder Woman off her feet but she rolls with the momentum and manages to kick him in the chest. She now has the advantage, and grabs the stunned Samurai by the leg. Using all her might she hefts him into the air and with a Herculean effort, slams him down onto the ground with a judo throw, knocking him out!

For his part, Superman continues his fight with the Baron and the two combatants have now moved outside into the street. The Man of Steel has been analysing his opponent’s fighting technique and has deduced that the Baron can only use one ‘super power’ at a time. He cannot use both super strength and invulnerability at the same time because he would be forced to split his energies. Superman decides that while the Baron concentrates on using his super strength, he will attack the Baron’s invulnerability! He therefore uses a five blow combination that literally overloads the Baron’s mind, allowing him to deliver a final knockout punch!

And so, once the FBI have been informed and the saboteurs removed, Superman carries the unconscious Baron and the second reactor section to a prearranged meeting place in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

As he touches down, he is greeted by Wonder Woman who has the other reactor section and has Sumo bound in her lasso. Superman says to her that if she does not mind , he would like to take the two sections back to Oakridge while she delivers the two agents to Washington for trial. She replies that she is not comfortable with returning the device to America as she still thinks it is unsafe for any country to possess an atomic weapon, at least until it has been studied more. Superman replies that he is not prepared to discuss the issue and that the device will be returning with him back to Oak Ridge.

However, while the two super heroes have their heated discussion, Baron Blitzkrieg has come to and unseen, manages to reach over and activate the now ‘complete’ reactor. As Wonder Woman and Superman suddenly here the hum and realise what has happened, too late Superman realises that the Baron had been feigning unconsciousness all along so as to gain access to both sections. Now, using the reactor, he has been able to transform it with psychic power into a weapon of irresistible power!

Gloating in triumph, he holds the reactor aloft while Wonder Woman and Superman squirm in pain under the incredible energy discharge. Suddenly though, Sumo manages to loosen the lasso around him and hurls himself at the Baron, vowing that if Japan cannot have the weapon, then neither can Germany! As the two agents struggle with each other, the device rolls free.

Superman manages to use his x-ray vision to off-balance the radioactive core, thus setting him and Wonder Woman free from the effects of the energy discharge. However, the Amazon Princess advises that his actions, while freeing them, have turned the unstable device critical. With no time to spare, the two heroes fly away from the island leaving the senseless combat between the Baron and Sumo to continue until it ends in an instant of atomic holocaust. As Wonder Woman and Superman watch from a safe distance, the uninhabited island detonates and a towering mushroom cloud of destruction rises into the air…

The morning after, Superman and Wonder Woman are standing in the office of the President. The Man of Steel tells him that he has brought Wonder Woman here so that she can hear his personal assurance that the United States will never use an atomic bomb as an actual weapon of war. He asks the President to tell her, as he himself has been told, that America would only use the device in a demonstration to end the threat of war forever.

The President replies that he understands Wonder Woman’s fears and the pressures that war can sometimes bring to bear. Sometimes, these pressures may drive a leader to acts of desperation – acts which, under other circumstances might be called immoral. But he promises her that as long as he remains President, America will never use the bomb to kill. Never.

As Superman and Wonder Woman leave the White House, he asks the Amazon Princess whether she is now satisfied. She replies that while she trusts President Roosevelt, she also believes that use of the atomic bomb is now inevitable.

One day, she says, Pandora’s box will be opened, if not by this President, then by another. And once the demons escape they can never be recaptured….”not even if we try and try….till the very end of time”.

The End