This special Treasury sized Collectors Edition was one of several that were published around this period, which pitched high profile characters against opponents whom you would never expect them to be seen fighting, such as Spiderman and even Mohammed Ali! This particular issue however took on the normally ‘taboo’ subject of whether Superman was stronger than Wonder Woman or vice versa.

The subject had normally been avoided in so much that DC Comics did not want to send out a negative message should Wonder Woman be shown to be thrashed by a man, even if he was a ‘Super’ man. Similarly, they also did not want to portray their most famous and powerful male character getting his backside kicked by a mere female! Eventually though, the temptation of telling such a story and pitting the ‘super’ man against the ‘wonder’ woman proved too great.

The story is set during World War II and recounts the tale in the form of top secret reports to the President. The artwork is truly sumptuous and is helped by the large format, allowing for big panels to be used. The plot is extremely mature and thought-provoking for such a Comic book and deals with some lofty issues, as well as the actual showdown between the Man of Steel and the Amazon Princess itself.

But what is the answer to the question on everyone’s lips – who would win the ultimate battle of the sexes? Well, after all the hype the ultimate battle of the sexes eventually ended in a draw with no clear cut winner!