This issue signifies another change in direction for Wonder Woman, although this time it does not involve a change in the entire creative team, but just the editor.

Firstly, the book became a monthly title from this point onwards and the Amazing Amazon began to appear in the bimonthly”World’s Finest” title too. Secondly, in order to tie in with the soon to be aired TV shows produced by ABC Television, the powers that be at DC Comics decided to re-align the comic book Wonder Woman with her television counterpart. From this issue forwards they would tell World War II based adventures featuring the Earth 2 version of the Amazing Amazon. The Earth 1 version (last seen in issue 227) would however continue to make appearances in Justice League and Super-Friends titles.

This change was due to the fact that “New, Original Wonder Woman” TV series was set during the war and starred the gorgeous Lynda Carter. After a disastrous ‘Made for TV’ movie starring Cathy Lee Crosby a few years before (which bore no resemblance to the comic book character), ABC Television decided to try again and commissioned another movie. This time they remained faithful to the original William Moulton Marston version of the Amazon Princess and pitted her against the Nazis during World War II. After looking for the perfect actress to play the role, they eventually cast the statuesque Carter, who had been crowned Miss World USA in 1973.

The TV movie was a great success (owing much to Carter’s portrayal of the young, innocent Amazon Princess suddenly finding herself in a strange and foreign Man’s World) and ABC Television commissioned a further 11 hours worth of episodes continuing Wonder Woman’s war time exploits.

In order to maximise sales and leverage the good publicity the show was getting this issue explains how the current ‘modern day’ setting of the comic book manages to change to the 1940’s all of a sudden!

We also see the first appearance of Wonder Woman’s famous white stripes on her boots – a change driven by Lynda’s costume on TV – although the boots would strangely remain coloured red for a couple more issues!