Limited Collectors’ Edition – C46 Justice League of America

Limited Collectors’ Edition – C46 Justice League of America

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
May 1976
Cover Date:
August - September 1976
Bronze Age
Story Title:
Decoy Missions of the Justice League!
The Deadly Dreams of Doctor Destiny!

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Neal Adams, Dick Giordano
Gardner Fox
Mike Sekowsky
Bernard Sachs
Gaspar Saladino
E. Nelson Bridwell, Julius Schwartz (original editor)


The Justice League of America: Atom (Ray Palmer), Aquaman (Arthur Curry), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), Hawkman (Kartar Hol), Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz), Superman (Clark Kent/Kal El), Wonder Woman (Diana Prince/Princess Diana)
Kanjar Ro
Doctor Destiny (John Dee), Joker, Chac
Adam Strange, Maal Rhu
Snapper Carr
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This special Treasury sized Collectors Edition was one of several that were published around this period. This anthology issue features reprints from Justice League of America #24 and  Justice League of America #34.

First Story Synopsis

While the people of the planet Rann are distracted, Kanjar Ro unleashes his latest plot of revenge against the Justice League of America: Leaving his aura behind in prison on Rann while he escapes to his lab, where he uses a device to draw the auras of the Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Atom, and Aquaman to trick the other members of the Justice League into various traps.

However when the aural fakes display that they do not have the same weaknesses or personalities as the real JLA members, the members they’ve been teamed up with realise the hoax and defeat the impostors. While on the planet Rann, Adam Strange checks on Kanjar Ro and realise what the foe is up to. Transporting his own aura to Earth, Strange meets with the real Justice League and informs them of Ro’s plot.

The Justice League then track Kanjar Ro to Earth and use their combined might to stop him. With Kanjar Ro defeated, the Justice League and Adam Strange imprison Kanjar Ro within the same cell as his aural form.

Second Story Synopsis

Members of the Justice League have been having strange dreams: Batman and Hawkman both dream of the Joker and Chac fighting in the Amazon. When the two heroes try to stop their foes, Batman is suddenly stuck with a ring which gives him super speed, and Hawkman a pair of gloves that make him only able to fly with his hands. However, in spite of these handicaps, they manage to defeat their foes. Superman dreams of fighting a giant centurion warrior that breaks out of an ancient casket. During the fight however he’s stuck with a pair of glasses which makes him immune to Kryptonite but vulnerable to fire and unable to effect anything yellow. In spite of this set back, Superman defeats his dream foe. While in yet another dream, Wonder Woman and Atom work together to fight a giant shell terrorising the ocean. During the fight Atom is stuck with an antenna that forces him to see things in X-Ray vision, and Wonder Woman a mask which broadcasts what she is about to do. They also manage to defeat their dream foe.

The next day these JLA members show up at JLA headquarters to find Snapper Carr upset that the JLA went on a mission and didn’t tell him. When the JLA are confused by this, Snapper shows him new items that appeared in the trophy room which resembled the items in their dreams. As they are explaining everything to Snapper, suddenly the same events from their dreams are reported on the radio.

As the JLA rush off to stop their opponents, we learn that the mastermind behind it all is Dr. Destiny, who has found a way to make his dreams become reality and has been orchestrating the whole event. Having learned how the JLA members would foil each attack, he would now try something different to defeat the JLA.

However, in spite of the fact of trying to use different methods to stop the JLA members with their handicaps, they manage to stop all the threats. Realising that Dr. Destiny may have been behind the whole thing, the JLA visit him in prison. When Atom punches Destiny out, making the various devices disappear, it confirms their suspicions and they force Destiny to see a psychiatrist to prevent him from using his dreams to attack the JLA again.