DC Special – 19

DC Special – 19

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
September 1975
Cover Date:
December 1975 - January 1976
Bronze Age
Story Title:
Wonder Woman - Gorilla

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Ernie Chan
Robert Kanigher
Ross Andru
Mike Esposito
E. Nelson Bridwell


Wonder Woman (Diana Prince/Princess Diana), Steve Trevor
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DC Special was an anthology series mostly focused on reprinting stories from DC’s Golden Age. Wonder Woman appears in the last story, which is a reprint from “Wonder Woman” #106.


Wonder Woman is spending the day in her civilian identity as Lt. Diana Prince, working for military intelligence. She notes that the date is June 19th, but she can’t seem to recall why this day is so important.

Meanwhile, on the distant Planet G, home to a race of giants, the men of this world participate in their home worlds version of the Olympics. The giant known as Tooroo wins the contest and is allowed to take any prize he wants. He selects the planet Earth, and the judges tell him that he can only take the planet if he manages to defeat their champion, Wonder Woman. As he enters his rocket, his lover Rikkaa asks him to bring her back something nice from the planet Earth. As Tooroo rockets towards the Earth, he wonders what he can possibly bring his lover as a gift.

While back on Earth, Steve Trevor is called to action in front of military intelligences headquarters when two spies attempt to escape by helicopter. With Steve out of sight, Diana changes into Wonder Woman and lends a helping hand. As she rounds up the spies, she is unaware that her mother Queen Hyppoltya is watching from Paradise Island with fear as the 10:00 hour approaches.

Later, when Tooroo arrives and begins collecting Earth objects to be part of a giant charm bracelet that he intends to give to Rikkaa, Wonder Woman and Steve attempt to stop the crook but end up being captured themselves due to the failure of Wonder Woman’s weapons. When Wonder Woman attempts to escape, she remembers why June 19th is such an important date: On this particular date, her weapons would lose their magical abilities for 24 hours at 10:00.

They are knocked out and taken back to Planet G, where they are made part of the charm bracelet that Tooroo plans on giving to his beloved. When Wonder Woman and Steve revive, Wonder Woman wonders if the 24 hours have elapsed so that her items have their powers back. Keeping this quiet, Wonder Woman challenges Tooroo to an Olympic challenge to win her and the Earth’s freedom. Tooroo, being the champion of his world and thinking Wonder Woman to be powerless still accepts the challenge deciding that this would be an easy win for him.