Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 214

Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 214

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
July 1974
Cover Date:
October - November 1974
Bronze Age
Story Title:
Wish Upon a Star!

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Bob Oksner
Elliot Maggin
Curt Swan
Phil Zupa
Not Stated
Not Stated
Julius Schwartz


Wonder Woman (Diana Prince)
Green Lantern
Henry Tudor
Lord Rosewater
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The story opens with Green Lantern making his report to the Justice League of America regarding the third and latest test for Wonder Woman since she tasked herself with proving to the JLA that she was worthy to rejoin them.

His report describes how he was in the middle of withdrawing his power ring from the lantern when there is a blinding flash, like a short circuit. In a moment, however, it seems fine again and Green Lantern wonders what extraordinary force had managed to interfere with its precision machinery. Using a will-powered command, he uses his ring to track the source to New York City.

He decides that the New Yorker he knows best is Diana Prince, otherwise known to the world as Wonder Woman, and that maybe she has discovered what is going on.

So using his ring to change out of his Green Lantern costume into the less conspicuous attire of Hal Jordan, he enters the UN Building. Just then he sees Diana walking out of a lift with Lord Rosewater, a high ranking British delegate of the UN and, remembering that the leaguers are supposed to avoid contact with her during the trials, he hides.

He proceeds to follow them to an old English restaurant modeled after Henry VIII’s court, owned by a man named Henry Tudor. He notices that Diana does not seem to be concerned or aware of anything unusual happening in the city and begins to wonder whether there really is a crisis after all. However, as Diana and Lord Rosewater enter the restaurant, they are greeted by Henry Tudor himself, who holds an amulet which begins to glow as Diana draws near. He graciously kisses her hand and informs her that she is the one millionth diner and as such, she and her escort are entitled to feast on the house.

His curiosity aroused, Hal Jordan manages to swap with the waitress tasked with serving the meal. As he does so he gets a closer look at the strange amulet around Tudor’s neck…

We are then treated to a recap of the amulet’s history. The amulet had been bought by Tudor a year ago from a Coney island gypsy around the time he was starting his Henry VIII ‘act’. The gypsy had told him that when the amulet was near a sister charm worn by someone else, the wishes of each wearer would come true. Later, as he set up his restaurant, he found that it was harder to run a business than he had first thought and wondered if the amulet’s powers would ever reveal themselves.

Then, earlier that morning, as Diana Prince had visited his restaurant to make a booking, he had greeted her only to see in the distance the approach of his landlord to whom he owed rent. But just as Diana was telling him how she wished he would be serving Duck on the menu tonight, he was also thinking to himself how he wished that something would stop the approaching landlord. At that very moment a delivery van arriving to drop off a cargo of duck hit the landlord and at the same time elsewhere, Green Lantern’s power battery experienced it’s fluctuation.

Luckily, Wonder Woman, (wearing her usual Tiara with its ruby embedded in the star!), quickly arrived on the scene to take the injured landlord to hospital, leaving Tudor to muse how both his and Diana Prince’s wishes had come true. He decided to use the ‘one millionth customer’ scam as a ploy to find out if Diana really did have the sister amulet.

Back to our story, and Tudor brings out a cake with a candle and asks Diana to make a wish. As Diana does so and blows out the candle, Tudor secretly makes his own wish – to be the king of the world!

At that moment, Green Lantern feels unbearable pain from his ring and tries to remove it while simultaneously, Lord Rosewater’s bleeper goes of, signaling a crisis back at the UN A USAF bomber on a test mission has not returned to base and appears to be heading towards the Soviet Union with its payload of Nuclear bombs.

Lord Rosewater immediately rushes off leaving Diana behind and she in turn runs off down an alley way leaving a bemused Tudor and Green Lantern in her wake. Using her magic lasso, she swiftly transforms into her Wonder Woman costume and leaps aboard her invisible jet. Using equipment onboard to monitor the UN Emergency meeting that Lord Rosewater has rushed to attend, she learns of the bomber and how it will drop two nuclear warheads on Moscow. Although the Russians know it is not intentionally hostile, their robot defense system will automatically retaliate, triggering a nuclear holocaust! Mysteriously, all attempts to communicate with the bomber have proved futile and so Wonder Woman sets off after the bomber in her invisible jet.

Meanwhile, Henry Tudor has a sudden urge to check his safety deposit box lodged at the bank, but as he steps inside the vault the door swings shut, locking him in. The bank assistant outside tells him that unfortunately the time-lock mechanism means that they cannot open the door for another seven hours! Ironically though, until then he will be the safest man on Earth…

The Green Lantern uses the Amazon Princess’ mental radio (which she keeps hidden at her office at the UN) to get up to speed on the crisis but finds that for some bizarre reason, he cannot contact any other Justice League member to call for their assistance. Wonder Woman, it seems, is on her own.

So forced to watch from afar using the mental radio, Green Lantern sees Wonder Woman close in on the air force bomber and use her magic lasso to rope it. Commanding her plane to pull the rope taught, she walks across the lasso as if it were a high-wire. The watching airman open fire on her but she manages to deflect the bullets with her bracelets. She reaches the open bomb bay doors and climbs aboard. The startled airmen watch as she then pulls her lasso in with her and heads towards the bombs.

But just as she enters the bomb area an emergency restraint system is activated by the pilot and Wonder Woman finds herself manacled to the wall. And when shackled by a man she loses her powers!

An airmen questions her motives in trying to stop their mission but using a hypnotic tone in her voice, she persuades the airman that he and his crew are making a huge mistake and are following non existing orders to trigger World War Three. She succeeds and he frees the Amazon Princess but as he does so, the pilot up front releases the bombs. Swiftly, Wonder Woman jumps on top of the first device and, riding it like a surf board, uses her magic lasso to ensnare the second bomb. Then, she transfers onto the wing of her own jet and uses her lasso to spin a cocoon around both nuclear bombs until they are completely sealed. As she applies pressure, the bombs detonate but the explosions are contained within the lasso cocoons and the world is saved!

With his ring returned to normal, Green Lantern then helps Henry Tudor escape from the vault and realises that had World War broken out, Tudor would have been the only man left alive on the planet – and effectively the king of the world, just like he had wished! Green Lantern wonders what Diana had wished for but thinks to himself that if it was something to do with being readmitted to the Justice League, then she has already earned that right as far as he is concerned…

  • “A Mini Tour of Paradise Island” – a one page guide to the Amazon Island home.
  • “Wanted – Wonder Woman” (reprinted from Wonder Woman #108, August 1959) – a story in which the Amazon Princess is forced to break the law and becomes a fugitive.
  • “The Terror Trees of Forbidden Island” (reprinted from Wonder Woman #143, Jan 1964) – another golden tale in which Paradise Island finds itself under attack from invaders.
  • “The Invisible Wonder Girl”(reprinted from Wonder Woman #106, May 1959) – a tale set in the Amazon Princess’ youth.
  • “Wonder Woman’s Mental Radio” – a feature on the unique Amazon device.
    “The Masquerader” (reprinted from Sensation #26, February 1944)- another Moulton classic which sees Wonder Woman in combat with an impostor.
  • “Revolt of Wonder Woman”(reprinted from Wonder Woman #144, February 1964) – The Amazon Princess loses faith with the world and cries out for someone to see her as a human being just like anyone else.


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