Justice League of America – Volume 1 – 114

Justice League of America – Volume 1 – 114

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
August 1974
Cover Date:
November - December 1974
Bronze Age
Story Title:
The Return of Anakronus!
Crisis on Earth-Three!

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Nick Cardy
Len Wein, Gardner Fox
Dick Dillin, Mike Sekowsky
Dick Giordano, Bernard Sachs
Ben Oda, Gaspar Saladino, Milt Snapinn
Glynis Wein
E. Nelson Bridwell (Assistant), Julius Schwartz


Wonder Woman (Diana Prince), Superman [Clark Kent/Kal-El), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Black Canary (Dinah Lance), The Atom (Ray Palmer), Aquaman (Arthur Curry), The Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), Elongated Man (Ralph Dibney), Red Tornado (John Smith), Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz), Snapper Carr
Zatanna, Kid Flash (Wally West), Hawkman (Carter Hall), Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson), Doctor Mid-Nite (Charles McNider), Starman (Ted Knight), The Flash (Jay Garrick), Atom (Al Pratt), Green Lantern (Alan Scott)
Power Ring, Johnny Quick, Owlman, Superwoman, Ultraman (Crime Syndicate), Anakronus,
Janet Carr, Mr. Carr, Mrs. Carr, Carol Ferris
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Another 100-page special issue featuring numerous stories and characters. The second JLA story is a reprint from Justice League of America issues 29 and 30

First Story Synopsis

After the JLA and JSA capture the Horned Owl Gang on Earth-2, a silent alarm is triggered inside of Sandman’s old lab. When both teams arrive, they discover a sand monster has escaped. After further explanations by Sandman, it’s revealed it was once his former partner, Sandy, who had been struck accidentally by an energy beam in his lab, that changed his body into pure silica. Both teams eventually reel him in, but the reason for his escape was that he was trying to quell several severe earthquakes that were about to occur, since in his new form he felt them.

Second Story Synopsis

The Crime Syndicate is so bored of life on their Earth as supreme villains, designated as Earth-3, that they come to the JLA’s Earth for a new challenge after Ultraman accidentally discovers it when exposed to Green Kryptonite (which gives him a new power with every exposure to it). Just as it looks like the JLA has the upper hand, the Crime Syndicate teleports them to Earth-3, where they have the advantage. To secure a level battlefield the Crime Syndicate plans to go to the Earth-2 and eliminate the JSA.

The JSA is tricked into being transported to an interdimensional prison by the Crime Syndicate (using the same word ‘Volthoom’ that captured the JLA last issue), so the JLA must battle the Crime Syndicate on Earth-2. The JLA then gets the Syndicate to over-exert themselves, imprisons them between the dimensions, and later frees the JSA from their dimensional trap set by the Syndicate to destroy the earths should they have lost vs. both teams