Justice League of America – Volume 1 – 113

Justice League of America – Volume 1 – 113

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
June 1974
Cover Date:
September - October 1974
Bronze Age
Story Title:
The Creature in the Velvet Cage!
The Case of the Patriotic Crimes!

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Nick Cardy
Len Wein, Gardner Fox
Dick Dillin, Carmine Infantino, Arthur Peddy, Irwin Hasen
Dick Giordano, Frank Giacoia, Bernard Sachs, Irwin Hasen
Ben Oda
Glynis Wein
E. Nelson Bridwell (Assistant), Julius Schwartz


Superman [Clark Kent/Kal-El), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Elongated Man (Ralph Dibney)
Wonder Woman (Diana Prince Trevor), Sandman (Wesley Dodds), Hourman (Rex Tyler), The Flash (Jay Garrick), Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Hawkman (Carter Hall), Black Canary (Dinah Lance), The Atom (Al Pratt), Doctor Mid-Nite (Charles McNider)
Horned Owl Gang, Injustice Gang (The Fiddler, Sportsmaster, Huntress, Icicle)
Sandy, Harlequin (Molly Maynne)
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Another 100-page super spectacular featuring numerous stories and characters. The Earth Two version of Wonder Woman features in both the first main story and in the second JSA story, which is a reprint from All Star Comics issue 41

First Story Synopsis

After the JLA and JSA capture the Horned Owl Gang on Earth-2, a silent alarm is triggered inside of Sandman’s old lab. When both teams arrive, they discover a sand monster has escaped. After further explanations by Sandman, it’s revealed it was once his former partner, Sandy, who had been struck accidentally by an energy beam in his lab, that changed his body into pure silica. Both teams eventually reel him in, but the reason for his escape was that he was trying to quell several severe earthquakes that were about to occur, since in his new form he felt them.

Second Story Synopsis

The famous Liberty Train mysteriously disappears and Black Canary calls a meeting of the JSA. But they have disappeared because they are the prisoners of the New Injustice Society. The Canary finds the Harlequin at JSA HQ and, before they know it, the Icicle freezes them both and takes them to the gang’s HQ. Harlequin uses her special glasses to hypnotise the JSA back to their old selves, and when they return to their senses, they discover that the Injustice Society plans to steal four of America’s greatest treasures. The JSA vows to stop them from doing so.