We reach the penultimate issue of the so called “de-powered” era of Wonder Woman. There are no indications to the reader of any changes afoot but the clock was already ticking for Diana Prince. Increasing pressure was being placed upon DC Comics to bring back the “true Wonder Woman”, in part lead by the publication of the first issue of “Ms. Magazine” with its cover depicting Diana in her traditional red, blue and gold costume and with the strap line”Wonder Woman for President!”. The powers that be at DC were accused of demeaning Diana and toning down her feminism. Also, the hoped for spike in her sales had not occurred – even after “throwing out the baby with the bath water” in a desperate attempt to entice new readers to pick up the book. Instead, DC had simply succeeded in alienating her core fan base, who never really saw this white jumpsuit wearing “Emma Peel ” clone as their Wonder Woman.