Diana plays merely a supporting role in this Batman story and rather stupidly, has to be saved from certain death by her “Amazon Guardian Angel”!!! Why it was felt such a clumsy plot device was needed is unclear, as a guardian never featured in the main “Wonder Woman” book. It also once again both undermines Diana and underlines how ineffective she had become since denouncing her super powers, seeing as she is no longer able to even save herself from dire peril – let alone anybody else. Yet the all too human Batman does it all the time!!!! A little chauvinism on the Editors part perhaps?

Once again the cover bears no relationship whatsoever to the story inside, apart from further emphasising Diana’s role as the “damsel in distress”. Truly, the character of Wonder Woman had reached an all time low point, having drifted so far away from William Moulton Marston’s very clearly defined vision of her as a strong, smart, confident and courageous super powered female on a par with Superman.