World’s Finest was an anthology series that featured DC’s most popular characters from other anthology series — mainly Superman and Batman. As the series progressed and in order to retain the draw of Superman and Batman without giving them both full-length stories, the series began chronicling the team-up adventures of Batman and Superman.

During the period that Wonder Woman renounced her Amazon super powers and became an ordinary woman, trained in the martial arts, she effectively left the realm of super heroes and in her own book ceased interacting with the rest of the heroes in the DC Universe altogether. In fact, her “adventures” became rather mundane as she was turned into a sort of “Modesty Blaise” type character.

This team up story therefore is a rarity, as Diana joins forces with Superman to save the world. Diana’s sudden withdrawal from the super hero community was never really dealt with and nobody seemed to either notice or even care that one of the most powerful super heroines on the planet had suddenly renounced her powers and decided to run a clothing boutique!!!

No longer a “Wonder” Woman, she had to rely purely on her fighting skills as taught to her by her Chinese Mentor I Ching, in order to hold her own against the bad guys. With no magic lasso and no bracelets to deflect bullets, she was a super heroine no longer and as we see in this story, has to rely on Superman to save her when she is confronted by a lowly mugger intent on shooting her in cold blood!

Ironically, this story line mentions how both she and Superman have been chosen because they are the “most extraordinary humans on Earth”, yet the aforementioned scene only goes to emphasise just how “ordinary” the so called “Wonder” Woman had become, and how far she had fallen from her glory days – to the level of being merely another “damsel in distress” compared to the heroic Superman.