This issue is a re-print of #183 and #184. As per the previous issue, the outgoing editorial team make the following statement at the end of the letters page:

“Dear Readers,
As we hand over the editorship of Wonder Woman to Denny O’Neil, we would like to thank you once again for your constant interest and encouragement. Even when you disagree with our ideas or condemn a story for being one thing or another, your main concern is for Diana – her image, her vision, her dream. Like you, we feel that Wonder Woman is one of the greatest super-beings, a truly mythic figure, and one that must endure.

We are not printing answers to your suggestions about costuming, story lines and the like, as the next issue of Wonder Woman will show you much more clearly the direction the magazine will be taking. Let’s keep it a surprise until then!”

One thing that certainly has not changed over the years is Wonder Woman’s fan base. We (I obviously count myself among them!) are truly some of the most loyal and devout comic fans in existence and will fight passionately to ensure Diana is portrayed in a fitting manner, given the respect she so richly deserves!