This issue is a re-print of #181 and #182 and acts as a “breathing space” for the Editorial team, while they finalise some changes to the book. Although they had no intention of taking her back to her original roots (at least not yet anyway), it was clear that she was not being received quite in the way the Editors had intended. This was most apparent by reading the continuing debates in the letters page, as fans argued for and against the changes made to date, such as her powers, her star spangled costume and the death of Steve Trevor. Some “fine tuning” was obviously required and writer Dennis O’Neil decided to take over Editorial responsibilities too. At the end of the letter page in this issue the following statement is made:

“To all Wonder Woman readers,
We, the new editors of WONDER WOMAN, would like to thank all of you for your continuing enthusiasm, whether for the old or the new versions of our favourite heroine.

Without commenting specifically on your suggestions, we will only say that great new adventures are in store for Diana and her inscrutable cohort I Ching. Watch for a special announcement by script writer Denny O’Neil in the next issue of Wonder Woman. It’s a tip-off on the shape of things to come!”