The majority of this issue comprises of a re-print of issue 179, re-telling the story of how Wonder Woman renounced her super powers and bade farewell to her mother and her Amazon sisters, before starting a new life as plain old “Diana Prince” together with her mentor I Ching. It is billed as being by “overwhelming demand” and presumably was designed to act as a jumping on point for any new readers who had decided to try out this new version of “Wonder Woman”. This “flashback” is depicted as Diana telling Ranagor about her past.
The issue also has an article on “Wonder Women Of History”, telling the story of Marie Elizabeth Zakrzewska who was a pioneer in the movement for the emancipation of women. She helped tear down the barriers of prejudice and ignorance and open the way for members of her sex to practice medicine. Why the editors felt this piece was necessary is unclear, but it may have been to address some disgruntled rumblings about how Wonder Woman’s focus on rights for women had been stripped away along with her powers.
This of course would be the accusation issued by Gloria Steinham’s famous first edition of Ms. Magazine, that would eventually persuade DC that it was time for their experiment to come to an end and for the Amazon Princess to return to her heritage; to once again become the true “Wonder Woman” and the role model that her creator William Moulton Marston had envisaged her to be.