With the main Dr Cyber storyline resolved (at least for now) and the brief return to Paradise Island over and done with, the story lines become increasingly mundane! With Diana no longer Wonder Woman out on patrol fighting crime and injustice, any “adventures” to be undertaken almost have to walk through the door of Diana’s boutique! And what does come her way are hardly worthy of a character who was once the greatest superheroine in the world.

Truly Diana had reached a low point (at least in my opinion at any rate!), though for some fans at the time (and indeed even today), this new “trendy” Wonder Woman and her more down to earth escapades was felt to be just what the character needed after the last few years of drift. She was, in their view, no longer a “frumpy heroine from the 40’s” but a “cool, hip, and with it chick” who truly reflected modern times i.e the 70’s.

It should be noted Morgana the Witch who appears in this issue was apparently a test to see whether the character was liked by readers, with the intention of potentially giving her a book of her own.