This issue is noteworthy for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we see Diana return to Paradise Island and become involved in a battle between her Amazon sisters and the Gods of Olympus. I am unsure why, after the last few issues of sixties “mod” storylines, the creative team decided to switch back to a more traditional Wonder Woman scenario. Perhaps this was always part of the plan – to ease the transition for those loyal fans of the Amazon Princess who found it hard to accept that this “Emma Peel” wannabe was still their Wonder Woman. Maybe there had been more negative feedback from readers than anticipated and this story was perhaps a “peace offering” to show that not everything from Wonder Woman’s past had been thrown away. Either way, it is nice to see Queen Hippolyta, Paradise Island and a Diana who looks and acts like an Amazon Princess and, more to the point, a Wonder Woman!

Secondly, it is revealed that Ares is Hippolyta’s father! This fact seems to have come out of nowhere as it was never referenced in any previous issue featuring the God of War, at least to my knowledge. Ironically, as part of the New 52 re-boot Diana’s own origin would be retconned and she would become the daughter of Zeus, with Ares becoming her uncle and mentor!