This was the first Brave and The Bold story line that featured Batman and the “New” Wonder Woman, now referred to simply as Diana Prince, since she became de-powered in her own book.

The issue once again depicts a version of Diana that is somewhat belittling. Firstly, as was rather typical of covers from this era, Diana is depicted as a typical “damsel in distress” on the dramatic cover which bears no resemblance to what actually happens in the story line whatsoever! Secondly at the end of the story she is arrested for stealing a car! Of course, she has simply made an innocent mistake by taking a vehicle that looks exactly like her own, but it hardly paints a flattering light of the so called feminist icon”Wonder Woman” – so ditzy she cannot even recognise her own car! This is particularly ironic seeing as Diana’s re-invention as a modern hipster in her own title was supposed to be a liberating one.