This issue sees the final pieces put into place to change Diana’s life forever – or at least until issue 204! A rather rushed excuse as to why the Amazons must suddenly depart this dimension leaves Wonder Woman with the quandary as to whether to go with them or stay. She of course decides to stay because of Steve.

As she bids farewell to her mother and mentor, she meets and gains a replacement in the form of a blind chinese man known as I Ching. Together, over the next couple of years they form a unique double act to fight crime – but Diana does so without her costume, Amazon weapons or indeed her super powers. Relying on her newly acquired karate skills after training with I Ching, she faces Man’s World as more of a glorified secret agent in the tradition of such characters as Emma Peel or Modesty Blaise. Apart from the fact that the comic book itself is still entitled “The New Wonder Woman”, there is scant little left of the great character that William Moulton Marston conceived back in the 1940’s.