Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 174

Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 174

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
November 1967
Cover Date:
January-February 1968
Silver Age
Story Title:
Steve Trevor - Alias the Patriot!
Wonder Woman vs the Air Devils!

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Irv Novick
Robert Kanigher
Irv Novick
Irv Novick
Robert Kanigher


Wonder Woman (Diana Prince), Steve Trevor
Angleman, King of Crime
Hippolyta, Paula (von Gunther)
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Synopsis - First Story

One day at the capital city’s Museum of Modern Art a gang of rioting hippies break in and begin smashing up the exhibits, intent on forcing the Museum owners to exhibit their own works instead. Suddenly, a transparent plane dips over the gang and Wonder Woman leaps down.

Suddenly though, a dramatic figure appears dressed in a skin tight red white and blue costume. Wonder Woman is amazed to see that it is Steve Trevor dressed as a super hero! The gang immediately move to take him down too but he uses his incredible strength to quickly overcome the hippies before breaking apart Wonder Woman’s fused bracelets. As he frees her, he asks her how on earth she had been subdued by the gang as he would have normally expected her to have them in custody before he even arrived on the scene. She in turn ponders how things have turned upside down recently and thinks back to the events of the previous week…

She and Steve had been visiting a robot factory when all of a sudden one of the robots had gone berserk. Wonder Woman had rushed to Steve’s aide as he was attacked and had wrestled the malfunctioning robot from her lover before switching it off. At that moment a member of the Press had entered the room, but unbeknown to Wonder Woman, he was actually a villain disguised as a photographer. The camera he carried was a special invention and when he had taken a shot of Steve and Wonder Woman, the Amazon Princess had been suddenly overcome by a wave of weakness and had collapsed into Steve’s arms. The photographer had smiled and made his exit, smug in the knowledge that the plan had worked perfectly just as his boss, the Angleman, had promised.

Shortly later the henchman had reported back to his master that the device had left Wonder Woman weak kneed as predicted! The pleased Angleman knew that with Wonder Woman now powerless, all he had to do was to get his “super pills” into Steve Trevor’s possession and his scheme would be complete. The confused henchman had asked Angleman why, after robbing the Amazon of her powers, they were then going to give Trevor super powers? The Angleman had replied that even without her powers, Wonder Woman would still try to continue to fight crime. But if Steve Trevor appears each time, she will have no choice but to retire and marry Steve. Once married, Trevor will run out of the pills and Angleman will rule the city!

Meanwhile Wonder Woman had returned to Paradise Island to see if Amazon science could help solve why her powers had disappeared while a puzzled Steve Trevor had returned home to find a package waiting for him. He had read the accompany note which said that he should take the enclosed “Super pills” to enable him to help Wonder Woman in her fight against crime. He had decided to get the Military scientists at HQ to analyse the pills first, but if they proved to be the real deal he would take Wonder Woman’s place fighting crime and she would have to marry him!

A few days later, once the pills had checked out, Steve had tested them and found he had acquired great strength and speed. Elsewhere on Paradise Island meanwhile, the Amazon’s chief scientist, Paula, had told Wonder Woman and the concerned Queen Hippolyta that she had had no success discovering what had taken the Princess’ powers away. Hippolyta had said to her daughter that without her gifts, Diana could no longer go on fighting crime in Man’s World. But Wonder Woman had replied that she still had her normal Amazon strength and she must therefore continue her mission. If she failed her vow to fight crime, she would have to retire and marry Steve Trevor.

And so over the next week Wonder Woman fought crime as best she could with her normal strength but now she had a super Steve to help her out too. He had decided to name himself the Patriot and catching a quiet moment, tries to persuade Wonder Woman that now he is around to fight crime, she may as well retire and marry him. She replies that she cannot do that yet as she is not convinced she is completely useless. She asks him how he had obtained his powers and he tells her how he had received the box of pills. She ponders for a moment and says that there is a pattern to the recent events – first her losing her own powers and then Steve miraculously gaining his. Who could have thought up such an angle? Steve picks her up in his arms and carries her up to her waiting robot plane, saying “Let’s go find out!”.

While the pair tries to solve the mystery, Angleman and his gang are finalising their plan in their hideout. Today Steve will have used his last pill, thus losing his strength and with Wonder Woman still powerless, the Angleman will use his own super pills to give him the power to destroy the vulnerable Amazon for good. Suddenly, Wonder Woman and Steve burst in to the room and swiftly set upon the surprised gang members. The Angleman cannot understand how both Steve and Wonder Woman appear to have their super powers.

The Amazon Princess uses her lasso to ensnare the baffled crook as Steve picks up the pills, preparing to destroy them for ever. But Wonder Woman asks him to stop as they may someday need the services of “The Patriot” again. Steve instead sets about destroying the camera and film that was robbing Wonder Woman of her own strength. Who would have thought that a device originally intended to drain energy from bombs would be able to steal super powers from a Wonder Woman?

The confused Angleman asks how the Amazon Princess has regained her powers when the device had clearly taken them from her for good. Steve replies that the villain had miscalculated when the “super pills” would run out. Both he and Wonder Woman were able to use them to their advantage until the Amazon Princess was able to regain her normal powers again!

Synopsis - Second Story

On Paradise Island Queen Hippolyta watches nervously as her daughter, Diana, takes part in an Amazon sports event, involving running with a ball. As Wonder Woman catches it and the opposing team runs towards her, Hippolyta knows that the Amazons will tackle Diana as hard as they can. But Wonder Woman hurtles forward at blinding speed and ploughs through them like a battering ram.

Her opponents are not beaten yet though and use a flying four girl tackle against her. Wonder Woman however counters it with startling skill and leaving the tacklers in an ungainly pile on the ground. Despite all opposition, the Amazon Princess reaches the goal line and touches the ball down. Hippolyta walks over to congratulate Diana, assuming her daughter will be pleased with the win but is amazed to see that the Princess is crying. When asked what is wrong, Wonder Woman replies that Steve Trevor’s life is at stake and yet she has no right to save him. Comforting her weeping daughter, Hippolyta asks Diana to explain herself.

Wonder Woman proceeds to recall recent events…

She and Steve had been present at the unveiling of several statues honouring the Justice League; Superman, Batman and Flash would be placed around various parts of the city while the statue of Wonder Woman, being made from solid gold, would reside inside the museum. Steve had addressed the watching crowd, saying that the statues of these great crime fighters would remain forever as symbols of the triumph of justice over evil.

At that moment, unknown to Wonder Woman at the time, a man known as the King of Crime had been watching as his fleet of planes performed test runs on a remote island. The pilots had finished their training and disembarked to be briefed by the villain. He had told them that it is he who should be honoured in statue, not the collection of heroes.

A few days later Wonder Woman had been summoned to the location of the Superman statue, where the Mayor showed her a letter from the King of Crime, advising that he intended to smash the statue at 2 o’clock. Exactly on schedule his jets had appeared in the sky and Wonder Woman had swiftly boarded her own plane to confront them head on. She had managed to lasso two of the craft causing them to collide, but the remaining craft had managed to release its bomb. She had dived off her plane to pursue the weapon and managed to pull up alongside the plummeting device. She had then grabbed it and burrowed deep into the ground before leaping back to the surface as it detonated harmlessly underground. But when she had returned to the surface she had found that the other plane had gotten away.

Meanwhile, the King of Crime did not seem too upset by the failure of the mission. He had told his pilots that he had just written another letter regarding the Batman statue. Once more, Wonder Woman had been summoned by the Mayor as soon as he had received the threatening note and as before, the planes had arrived right on time. The Amazing Amazon had leapt up and pulled two craft down to the ground. Once again though the remaining jet had been able to release its deadly cargo and the Amazon Princess had to leap up and catch it just like a football.

She had hurled the bomb high up into the sky where it had exploded harmlessly. She had then wondered to herself how much longer the King of Crime was going to keep making announcements regarding his intentions and giving her enough time to stop it.

Meanwhile Steve had been visiting the museum to check on the golden Wonder Woman statue. Suddenly the glass roof had caved in and two metal clamps had grabbed the statue, lifting it slowly up through the hole in the roof taking Steve with it. The jubilant King of Crime had then flown back to his island hideout with the statue and his hostage, pleased that his plan had succeeded in distracting Wonder Woman from the real prize.

Suddenly his smug expression had been wiped from his face when the Amazing Amazon had appeared, leaping down from her invisible plane. The villain could not understand how she had managed to find him and she had explained that when disposing of the second bomb, she had been high up enough to spot his own jet making its getaway and had simply followed it back here.

But the King of Crime had a trick up his sleeve and had produced a detonator switch in his hand that was linked to a bomb attached to Steve Trevor. He had told Wonder Woman to leave immediately or else Steve would die! Unable to put her lover’s life before her duty, she tearfully agreed to the villain’s instructions and had left.

And that is why she is crying now…because she has left Steve in mortal danger on the King of Crime’s island hideout. Hippolyta sympathises with her daughter’s dilemma but tells Diana that she cannot simply let the Crime King run lose! Wonder Woman replies that if she dares show her face again he will surely execute Steve!

At that moment a meteorite shower appears in the sky and Hippolyta orders the event to be broadcast to the rest of the world to inform other scientists. Wonder Woman thinks to herself that the Crime King also has radio equipment and will learn of the spectacle, which gives her an idea.

A short while later on the Crime King’s island hideout, they see a meteor heading down towards the island just as the radio broadcast they had picked up earlier had predicted. The villain sees that it will crash harmlessly away from where they are standing but is astonished to see Wonder Woman leap from the rock at the last minute! She decks his henchmen and before the King of Crime has a chance to press the detonator switch she uses her lasso to wrest the device from his grasp. She then knocks the villain out with one punch!

Later, once Wonder Woman has placed the bound gang on board her plane, she and Steve embrace but the Amazon Princess feels awkward, as if they are being watched. He smiles and tells her not to be silly as it is just the two of them and the golden statue…and statues don’t tell. As they walk off arm in arm the golden statue smiles.

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