The first of these two golden age stories concerns an Amazon named Tonia who challenges Diana for the right to be “Wonder Woman”, arguing that she can do a better job in Man’s World. This scenario was re-used on a couple more occasions during both pre and post crisis eras.

In issue 250 another Amazon named Orana challenges the Princess to a new contest for the right to be Wonder Woman. She wins on a technicality and ventures forth into Man’s World, closely followed by Diana. Orana is then subsequently slain by a villain named Warhead.

Some time later in issue 90 of the post crisis run, yet another challenger steps forward in the form of Artemis, who challenges and subsequently beats Diana in a new contest, before going forth into Man’s World as the new “Wonder Woman”. Her time as the Amazon’s Ambassador to Patriarch’s World is short lived however, as Artemis is eventually killed while battling the White Magician and Diana once more assumes the title.