Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 172

Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 172

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
July 1967
Cover Date:
September-October 1967
Silver Age
Story Title:
A Day in the Life of an Amazon!
The Amazing Amazon Crime!

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Irv Novick
Robert Kanigher
Irv Novick
Irv Novick
Robert Kanigher


Wonder Woman (Diana Prince), Steve Trevor
Lizard Men
Prof. Dinwoodie, Baby Ambrose
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The second of these two golden age stories bears some similarities to one of the plots from the CBS TV series “The New Adventures of Wonder Woman”. In the episode “The Fine Art of Crime”, Diana is lured into a trap by a pair of art thieves who plan to use their invention in order to place her in a permanent catatonic state and display her as a museum exhibit. She tricks them into thinking their device has worked and pretends to be an exhibit until the two felons arrive in person at her statue’s “grand unveiling”, whereupon she springs into life and captures them!

Synopsis - First Story

One morning just as Diana Prince is about to enter through the revolving doors of an Department store, she sees a group of gunning come running down the street. Quickly, she spins the door around rapidly while she inside them she changes into her Wonder Woman costume. She then races back out into the street and hurls herself at the three gang members who are making a getaway after a successful heist.

They open fire with Force Rays which strike the Amazon like lightning bolts, sending her tumbling backwards up the street. As she skids ungainly along the road, she spots a nearby manhole and swiftly pulls the cover off. Using it as a shield she charges once more at the gunmen whose rays this time bounce harmlessly off the manhole cover.

She then uses it to clout the surprised gang members out of the way, before using them as human juggling pins, disorientating them until they beg to surrender. As the police arrive the gang are only to happy to give themselves up and Wonder Woman smiles to herself as she watches them led away into custody.

She takes the quiet moment to read a letter she has received from a fan of hers in Boston. Johnny Landers asks what happens during a typical day in her life. Well, today for starters she had been shopping for a birthday present for Steve Trevor when she had encountered the gunmen.

Just then Professor Dinwoodie strolls up pushing a baby in a pram. He asks the Amazon Princess is she would be kind enough to look after his baby son, Ambrose, while he pops into the store to get his wife who is shopping inside. She happily agrees and smiles down at the cute baby boy who beams back up at her. As she gently grabs his finger to play with him he grabs her hand and yanks her off her feet! Before he startled gaze, Baby Ambrose leaps out of the pram and begins to grow in size! The baby grabs a heavy street sign as if it was a matchstick and playing with it, swings it into the path of a passing truck. Wonder Woman pleads with him to stop playing with the sign before he causes any more damage and tries to wrest it from his grip. But the powerful baby begins to whirl the sign around his head, taking Wonder Woman with it. Then, to the flabbergasted Amazon’s surprise, he lets go, sending her sailing through the air.

Wonder Woman safely lands on her feet and places the sign back down where it can do no more harm. But the baby has not finished his games yet and hefting the truck above his head, he hurls it at Wonder Woman in a game of catch! She effortlessly grabs the vehicle mid air though and plants it back down, much to the driver’s relief! She realises she must stop Baby Ambrose before anyone is harmed and unhooks her magic lasso. She loops it over the child’s wrists, binding them together and instructs him to be a good boy and calm down. But to her dismay it has no effect on him and instead he yanks on the other end of the golden rope, playing a game of Tug-of-War!

She decides that if the magical powers of the lasso will not work, then perhaps using the lariat in a more traditional way may be the answer. Moving like a blur she dashes round and around the baby, winding him in the coils of her lasso until he has been bound hand and foot. Baby Ambrose thinks she is simply playing and lets her continue until he finds himself unable to move anymore. Instantly he begins to shrink back to normal size again and ends up in Wonder Woman’s arms.

Just then Professor Dinwoodie emerges from the store with his wife. Wonder Woman tells him what had happened and he replies that the baby had been experiencing the effects of his Giant-Growth tablets. But his experiment has been a failure as the effects are only temporary, as Wonder Woman has just discovered. Mrs. Dinwoodie however is not amused to find her child bound by the lasso and snatches the child from a surprised Amazon Princess. She chastises both Wonder Woman and the Professor for using a lasso to placate a poor, defenceless baby.

Wonder Woman watches as the couple walk off with their offspring and she thinks to herself how so far, today, she has not only stopped a gang of robbers but had to take care of a giant baby!

At that moment though she is distracted by the sobbing of a woman nearby, who explains that today is the grand opening of her new Restaurant. Unfortunately though, none of her waitresses have turned up and customers are starting to leave. Wonder Woman offers to help and donning an apron, she proceeds to serve the customers in super quick time! The Restaurant also benefits from the publicity her appearance generates and the opening day is a great success.

As the afternoon wears on Wonder Woman departs in her robot plane for Paradise Island to visit her mother, expecting the rest of her day to hold no more surprises. However, she spots a meteor heading down towards her homeland and orders her plane to dive at maximum speed so she can halt the rock’s fall. But to her surprise she finds that the meteor is merely camouflage for an alien spaceship on its way to Paradise Island. No man is allowed to set foot on her home soil without the Amazons losing their power and she realises he has to stop the crew from landing.

Suddenly though, a beam spits out at her plane and sends the craft into a tail spin. As blackness descends on Wonder Woman and the ground rushes up to smash her and her plane to pieces, she manages to give an order for her robot plane to right itself and land.

The craft touches safely down automatically and when Wonder Woman comes to she sees that the alien ship has already touched down. A ramp descends and she sees what looks like a Lizard Man step out onto it. She deduces this one must be a scout and begs him not to set foot on the soil itself and to leave in peace. But the Lizard Man responds by using his tail to thwack the Amazon Princess across the face.

Recovering quickly, she catapults towards him with her fists outstretched, punching him squarely in the jaw. Again, he lashes out with his tail and wraps it around the valiant Amazon. As she squirms, trying to free herself, he gloats that she is helpless to resist. But Wonder Woman has other ideas and uses a booted foot to smash his face in. She then punches the stunned creature back inside the vessel. She hears the engines start up and leaping from the gangway, watches as it retracts and the alien craft lifts off. Inside, she can hear her opponent tell his comrades to make all haste back to their home world, as this planet Earth is a dangerous place and not somewhere they should be invading anytime soon!

Wonder Woman at last arrives at the palace and is greeted my Queen Hippolyta, who asks how her day has been. She replies “Fairly quiet, mother” and smiling, thinks to herself that hopefully she has shown her fan, Johnny, just what a typical day in the life of an Amazon is really like!

Synopsis - Second Story

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are attending the opening of an Art Show at the Civic Museum where one sculptor has created an amazingly lifelike statue of the Amazon Princess herself. As Wonder Woman congratulates the sculptor on his work, she has the oddest feeling she has met him before. He replies that they have never met but secretly thinks to himself that while she had never laid eyes on him before, she had met his brother Joe three years ago.

Joe had been leading a gang who were robbing a Payroll, when Wonder Woman had arrived on the scene. She ordered them to surrender but they opened fire on her instead. The Amazon deftly deflected their bullets and so seeing their weapons were futile, Joe and the gang decided to take her down using their fists. Ruthlessly they launched murderous blows at her but she easily dodged their attempts to strike her. She had then provided them with a demonstration of Amazon Karate and had taken each gang member down in turn. With the gang subdued, she had promptly taken them into custody where Joe and the gang were sentenced to prison.

The Sculptor muses that his brother is still rotting in jail and he intends to avenge Joe by making the Amazon Princess pay in a way she would never have dreamed of! Her downfall will be none other than the statue that she so admires.

Later that night the cleaner is washing the floor of one of the rooms adjacent to where the statue is being exhibited. The room contains priceless antique jewels that are being displayed in glass cases. He suddenly hears the smashing of one of the display cases and turns in amazement to see Wonder Woman helping herself to the jewels inside! He asks her what on earth she is doing but she responds by knocking him out. As the unconscious man slips to the floor she departs, while a hidden security camera continues to record the shocking events.

A short while later a security guard wanders by and finds the cleaner lying on the floor. Seeing the missing jewels, he immediately checks the security camera and is stunned to see the felon is none other than Wonder Woman!

Steve Trevor is quickly summoned by the Museum Curator who explains that he has summoned the Colonel instead of the police because he knows Steve is Wonder Woman’s Fiancé. It would be better if he got the Amazon to surrender herself, together with the jewels, by the following morning. Steve replies that the Amazon Princess is innocent and he intends to prove it. He adds that he will contact Wonder Woman straight away, as she is staying at Diana Prince’s apartment, in order to fetch her and bring her here.

Soon at her apartment, Diana is awakened by a call from Steve who thinks he is talking to Wonder Woman. He tells her that she has been accused of stealing priceless jewels by the Museum and they have evidence to prove it. She decides to investigate alone without getting Steve mixed up in all of this further.

Shortly afterwards she arrives as Wonder Woman at the Museum and slips in through an upper window. The air is pungent with the smell of the cleaning fluids the janitor had been using before he was attacked. As she surveys the room she sees no sign of a clue but her strong sense of smell notices that the pungent odour seems to be also emanating from the room next door. As she enters the room she walks over to the statue of herself and notices that the smell is coming from the boots of the statue itself. How could that be, unless that statue literally walked into the other room, committed the crime and returned, getting its boots wet in the process. As crazy as it sounds, she decides the only way to prove it is to search the statue for signs of the secreted jewels.

But before she can start the statue springs into life and punches her in the face. Realising the statue is actually an android, Wonder Woman strikes back and sends her doppelganger toppling off the display podium, sending the jewels hidden on her flying. The Amazon Princess kneels down to pick up the stolen booty but is clobbered over the head by the android, who rants that if the Amazon is found holding the jewels her guilt will be undeniable! Exasperated by the blows raining down on her, Wonder Woman lashes back and smashes the android into smithereens!

Horrified, she realises she has just destroyed the only evidence that could prove her innocence! Thinking quickly, she reasons that the Sculptor created the android so he is the real villain here. She has but one chance in a million to prove it too! Wonder Woman proceeds to seize the shattered remnants of the android and uses her might to crush them into dust, before blowing them away leaving no trace of her double’s existence. She then climbs up onto the podium and poses as the statue, hoping the Sculptor who has framed her wants to commit the perfect crime.

Throughout a weary day, Wonder Woman performs the incredible feat of deceiving spectators into believing she is merely a figure of herself. But her foe makes no appearance and closing time approaches. Suddenly she hears the Sculptor enter, bragging to himself how the papers are filled with the headlines about Wonder Woman’s theft. His plan to avenge his brother Joe had gone like clockwork and he is looking forward to visiting his sibling to let him know that crime does pay!

His gloating is cut short as he finds himself grabbed roughly by the scruff of the neck. A flip of her magic lasso binds the villain and he is soon confessing to the authorities that he had framed Wonder Woman with an android double of her he had created. With her innocence no longer in doubt, Wonder Woman smiles as she watches him taken away into custody and thinks to herself that he and his brother can discuss how crime never pays.