Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 158

Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 158

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
September 1965
Cover Date:
November-December 1965
Silver Age
Story Title:
The Fury Of Egg Fu!

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Ross Andru, Mike Esposito
Robert Kanigher
Ross Andru
Mike Esposito
Robert Kanigher


Wonder Woman (Diana Prince), Steve Trevor
Egg Fu
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Robert Kanigher uses this issue to change the direction of the book to re-create the “Golden Age” and move away from the childish stories that had been appearing in the title over the last few years. At a stroke he would remove the various miscellaneous characters that had featured and which at times had become very confusing with Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl and Wonder Tot all appearing together in story lines, even though they were supposed to be simply Diana at different ages! In a tongue in cheek move, Kanigher uses a short back up story to effectively “fire” the old supporting cast and announce the bold return to the Golden Age style!

To signify this change the Title’s type-face also changes once again from this issue on-wards.


Steve asks Wonder Woman why she had not listened to him when he warned her to stay away from the explosion? She replies that she was only listening to her heart. Queen Hippolyta says to her daughter that she wishes she could take Diana’s place and let fall on her head whatever awaits her now. Wonder Woman responds that her mother must fulfil her duties as Queen of the Amazons. She then turns to Steve and says that although no Man is allowed to set foot on Paradise Island, he was luckily reconstructed on top of a lab table. However, she should take him away from here as quickly as possible and reaches out to carry him off. But as soon as she touches him they detonate again and she to a stunned Steve for forgetting their predicament!

Realising she must lift him off the island without touching him, she begins to spin at rapid speed like a human propeller and uses the updraft to lift Steve up through the roof into the air. But at that moment the Amazon Air Fleet returns from a routine patrol and Wonder Woman accidentally collides with a couple of the craft, wreaking havoc! If she had been driving an ordinary car, she would have probably needed the help of a DUI lawyer Columbus to explain her way of out it to the police!

As she watches them dive out of control towards the ocean she desperately thinks of how she can save her fellow Amazons without touching them? Swiftly, she uses super powered breath to stabilise the ships allowing their pilots to re-take control. However, with her attention turned to the Amazon Fleet, Steve begins to plunge downwards without the aid of Wonder Woman’s air currents. The Amazing Amazon zooms back just in time and uses the currents to guide him down to a rocky outcrop just off shore.

As they sit down and catch their breath, Wonder Woman says that they have three tasks. Firstly, they must avoid other people to avoid harming them, secondly they must defeat Egg Fu and thirdly find some way of eliminating the explosive matter beamed into them. Exhausted by her exploits though, the Amazon Princess begins to drift off to sleep and Steve stares down at her beautiful, peaceful face. He leans forward to give her a gentle kiss but of course the two explode against each other once more! Steve apologises, saying it was his fault as he just wanted to kiss her. Touched, she reaches to help him to his feet replying what woman could blame a man for wanting to kiss her. But again they detonate and they realise things are hopeless unless they can find a cure. Wonder Woman decides that they should use their destructive powers on a surprise attack against Egg Fu instead and Steve agrees. Using her spinning technique again, she lifts Steve into the air behind her and set course of Odlong Island.
But on that very Island, Egg Fu watches their progress on a monitor screen, gloating that they are unaware that the explosive matter he had beamed into them also sends unique seismographic impulses which tell him exactly where they are! Instead of surprising him, they will be walking into a trap!

Back in the air, Wonder Woman with Steve in tow suddenly sees a huge meteor falling out of the sky towards Earth. They realise that if it hits them there will not be anything of them left and quickly Wonder Woman whirls Steve out of its path. At that moment he notices a small pebble fizz past and when it strikes the meteor the whole rock explodes into pieces! Wonder Woman guesses that the “pebble” was in fact a fragment of anti-matter. If there are other fragments falling nearby and they can touch one perhaps it might be powerful enough to destroy the explosive matter inside them! But as the Amazon Princess tows Steve keeping an eye out for anymore anti-matter, she tells him she will try and cure him if the opportunity arises but she must remain explosive, as she will need every advantage she has to battle Egg Fu! She cannot think of her own happiness in being able to touch Steve again.
On Odlong Island, Egg Fu watches them approach and prepares his men for the trap. High above, Wonder Woman and Steve begin their bombing run. They swoop through the clouds and touch down on a seemingly deserted island. Unknown to them, Chinese troops crouch in a nearby trench and prepare to attack. On the command, they stand up and open fire. Wonder Woman immediately steps forward to protect Steve, using her bracelets to deflect the oncoming barrage of bullets. Steve uses the cover to advance on the soldiers and uses his explosive fist to smash his way through their lines!

With one trap dealt with, they move on towards where Egg Fu is located and this time come face to face with a line of tanks! Swiftly, the mighty Amazon hurls herself at the massive tanks like a human bazooka rocket, blowing them apart as she collides with each one. With the tanks reduced to smouldering wreckage, they continue on their way finally reaching Egg Fu’s previous location but the area is empty.

Suddenly a snakelike tentacle appears from nowhere and ensnares the two of them. Squeezed together in the moustache of Egg Fu, they cannot help but keep detonating. Desperately straining every muscle, Wonder Woman tries to hurl her own lasso against her foe but the never-ending explosions continue to numb her. Powerless in Egg Fu’s grip, the couple are whirled around with such speed that the concussion from the explosions cause them both to finally black out!

With a cry of victory, Egg Fu hurl them up into the atmosphere but as they are blasted into space Wonder Woman comes to and sees they are in the path of another anti-matter particle from space. It hits them both and the resulting explosion neutralises the explosive matter inside them! The Amazon Princess is overjoyed to find that she can touch Steve again and she instantly summons her invisible plane. She places the still unconscious Steve on board and the turns her attention to Egg Fu below.

She unleashes her golden lasso and wraps it around the giant egg shell, ordering him to promise to stop his villainy against the free world or suffer the consequences! Enraged, he bellows that nothing can ever stop him from planning the destruction of Democracy the first moment he is free again! As the villain strains against the magic lasso though he begins to crack until finally the lasso shatters him into pieces.

Setting course for home, Wonder Woman asks a reviving Steve if he feels OK? He asks her to kiss him and together they fly off into the distance.