Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 111

Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 111

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
November 1959
Cover Date:
January 1960
Silver Age
Story Title:
The Robot Wonder Woman
The Battle of the Mer-Men

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Ross Andru, Mike Esposito
Robert Kanigher
Ross Andru
Mike Esposito
Robert Kanigher


Wonder Woman (Diana Prince), Steve Trevor, Wonder Girl
Professor Menace
Renno the Mer-Boy
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First Story Synopsis

During a meeting of underworld bosses, criminal scientist Professor Menace unveils his latest invention, a robot version of Wonder Woman that he plots to use against the real Wonder Woman, promising that this robot duplicate of the might maid can outdo her in any way possible.

While at military intelligence, Steve Trevor calls it a day to go on another date with Wonder Woman. As Steve leaves the building, Diana Prince quickly changes into Wonder Woman and meets him outside. As the two are sitting at a park, a house that is being moved breaks free from the truck hauling it. Before the real Wonder Woman can act, Menace’s robotic one saves the day. When he reveals his robot, the real Wonder Woman comes to see what all the fuss is about.

Professor Menace challenges Wonder Woman to prove that she is more superior than the robot by accepting his challenge: See if she can stay awake longer than the robot. While Steve is shocked by this challenge, he secretly hopes Wonder Woman loses so that she can retire and they can get married. Wonder Woman accepts the challenge, and sure enough before a packed arena, she falls asleep and fails to stop a disaster that the robot didn’t need any rest to deal with. Disgraced, Wonder Woman agrees to the terms of the competition and prepares to exile herself to Paradise Island.

With Wonder Woman out of the way, Menace commands his Wonder Woman robot to rob the arena for the charity money collected for the competition and then escapes by helicopter. Wishing to be rid of Wonder Woman once and for all, he follows after Wonder Woman’s robot plane and sends his robot after her, using his mental connection to the robot to battle her. Wonder Woman and her doppelgangers battle take them into the ocean, where Wonder Woman easily defeats the robot by pushing it into a giant electric eel.

The shock also effects Menace and he is disorientated enough for Wonder Woman to fool him into thinking that she is really his robot so that she can get close enough to capture him and foil his plot. Wonder Woman turns Menace over to the authorities and goes out on another date with Steve Trevor. Trevor realises that the world still needs Wonder Woman as a defender and wonders aloud if they will ever get married.

Second Story Synopsis

Mer-Boy is watching Wonder Girl swimming in the oceans that surround Paradise Island and tries to muster up the guts to invite her to the fair that is happening in his undersea village next week. However, when he approaches her to ask her out, he gets cold feet and flees the scene. Wonder Girl tries to follow him, but gives up chase when he swims into a giant clam and it’s mouth snaps shut. Unknown to Wonder Girl, this is the secret passage to Mer-Boy’s undersea realm. He is aloof about asking Wonder Girl out, and hopes that he can bring her to the big dance and try to win her a pearl crown that is up for grabs.

With everyone having found dates but Mer-Boy, the mer-child feels ridiculous for not having the guts to ask Wonder Girl out and decides to go swim amongst the oceans currents. While leaving the secret tunnel he is spied by a group of sea-centaurs, natural enemies of the mer-people below who plan on crashing the dance party. Mer-Boy happens upon Wonder Girl and notices that a shark is heading right toward her. He tries to save her, but trips up and Wonder Girl saves him instead — tossing the shark miles away with her bare hands. After the rescue, Mer-Boy asks Wonder Girl to come to his dance, and she cheerfully accepts.

Going back to his realm, Wonder Girl finds that the people down there are not quick to accept her. After getting the cold shoulder from the other mer-people, the embarrassed Wonder Girl decides to leave when the party is crashed my the sea-centaurs. When Wonder Girl tries to fight them off, they are all threatened by the arrival of a giant whale and Wonder Girl fights the creature off. Thankful for having their lives saved, the sea-centaurs offer her anything. Wonder Girl asks the sea-centaurs to make peace with the mer-people. With the crisis over, everyone puts aside their differences and participate in the dance together. For her part in bringing everyone together, Wonder Girl is awarded the pearl crown.


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