Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 110

Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 110

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
September 1959
Cover Date:
November 1959
Silver Age
Story Title:
The Bridge of Crocodiles

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Ross Andru, Mike Esposito
Robert Kanigher
Ross Andru
Mike Esposito
Robert Kanigher


Wonder Woman (Diana Prince), Steve Trevor, General Darnell
Princess Number 1003
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Three flying saucers are detected entering Earth’s atmosphere, prompting Diana Prince to change into Wonder Woman in order to find out what they are seeking. She and Steve Trevor track one of the UFO’s to Rock Mountain, where they witness as the alien ship sets it ablaze with one of it’s advanced weapons. Then on radios all across the globe, the aliens provide their demands: Believing that the people of Earth have captured their beloved princess, the aliens warn the people of Earth that if they do not return her to them they will destroy the Earth. Despite having no idea what this alien princess might look like — not even sure if she’s human — Wonder Woman decides to go searching for the missing royal. As she flies over the ocean, she rebuffs yet another marriage proposal from Steve Trevor before diving into the ocean to stop an ocean liner from crashing into an ice berg. Even though she is tied up fighting a swordfish, she manages to smash the iceberg and save the ship. When she jumps back toward her invisible plane, she is shocked to see that Steve — in a trance like state — is flying her plane away, being drawn by some mysterious force.

Wonder Woman manages to lasso her plan and hop back aboard, she is shocked to see that Steve is in a trance and is following some call. They end up arriving in a jungle where she learns that her love is being attracted by a strange woman who has a flute. To Wonder Woman’s shock and dismay, Steve pledges his undying love to this woman and pretends to not know who Wonder Woman is. When Diana tries to stop the strange woman, she manages to paralyse her with some sort of strange ray. As Diana struggles to get free, the mystery woman lures Steve away. Meanwhile, with the 24 hour time limit hitting the 12 hour mark, the flying saucers give another show of their power by freezing a skyscraper with an ice ray and warn the people of Earth to hurry.

Wonder Woman meanwhile realizes that she is able to hop, and after fighting off a leopard finds some local savages and has them lead her to the woman. Finding the strength to force herself to talk, Wonder Woman deduces that the woman who has stolen Steve is really the alien princess. She explains to the princess that her people have threatened the Earth and that she has to return to the flying saucers. The princess however refuses to do so. The princess explains that she is not a single ruler of her world, but one of thousands of princesses (She being the 1003rd one herself). Craving to be worshipped as an individual, she fled her world and sought worship on the planet Earth where she quickly took over this tribe of local natives and then seeking a husband use her flute to summon Steve Trevor.

Wonder Woman challenges the princess to a competition to see who is more superior. The first contest is to see if Wonder Woman will be able to deflect a blast from the princess’s wand without moving from her spot. She succeeds by reflecting the laser off her tiara. The next challenge involves Wonder Woman avoid being struck by a tree without moving out of her spot. Wonder Woman complies by flipping upside-down and splitting the tree in half with her high heels. With Wonder Woman the victor of both challenges, the princess is forced to walk the “black rocks” on a nearby river. Much to the princesses surprise, these are really crocodiles who attempt to attack her. Wonder Woman saves her life, but the bitter princess pulls a trump card on the mighty maid: She agrees to return to her home planet and spare the Earth, but she is taking Steve Trevor with him. Steve, still under her spell, agrees to go.

However, when the flying saucers arrive to pick her up, their transport beam reveals her true form: that of a robot, causing Steve to snap out of her control and abandon her. Wonder Woman warns the aliens that if they don’t start treating their princesses as individuals then this will happen again. Afterwards, Steve and Wonder Woman take time to relax on a bridge that won’t spring to life and try to eat them.


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