Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 107

Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 107

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
May 1959
Cover Date:
July 1959
Silver Age
Story Title:
Wonder Woman Amazon Teen-Ager
Gunslingers of Space

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Ross Andru, Mike Esposito
Robert Kanigher
Ross Andru
Mike Esposito
Robert Kanigher


Wonder Woman (Diana Prince), Wonder Girl, Steve Trevor
Zgggm (Jesse James), Ronknn (Billy The Kid)
Hippolyta (Hippolyte)
Ronno the Mer-Boy
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First Story Synopsis

While out swimming off the shores of Paradise Island, Wonder Girl is shocked when she is greeted by a merboy named Ronno. The merboy is instantly smitten by Wonder Girl, but the two must part when Wonder Girl has to return to the mainland. Later, Wonder Girl meet with her mother Queen Hippolyta and they watch their time/space televisor and watch future adventures of Diana when she becomes the super-hero known as Wonder Woman. Seeing her future exploits play out in front of her excited Wonder Girl, they watch as her future self saves a burning plane from disaster. After they have finished viewing, Wonder Girl asks when she can wear the uniform she saw her future self wearing. The queen tells her that she has to win the right to wear it, and devises a contest for her to claim her new uniform.

After having the Amazons of Paradise Island come up with ideas for Wonder Girl’s new costume, the queen selects the best one and refuses to show Wonder Girl the wining design. She then has the three components of the costume put in perilous places for Wonder Girl to recover. The first portion of her costume is hidden inside the cannibal clam, located under the waters near Paradise Island. Wonder Girl manages to recover the first portion, stars for her blue skirt. Witnessing Wonder Girl under water again Ronno attempts to get her attention and gets endangered by a sword fish. When Wonder Girl is momentarily distracted by this, he foot is caught in a clam shell and she is forced to fight off the sword fish before she can free her self. Pulling Ronno to the surface, she learns why he got in trouble in the first place and she thanks him for his attempt at helping before swimming off for he next feat.

The next item is located at a giant Roc’s nest, and Wonder Girl decides to skip it for the time being so that she can go after the next item. She finds that it is her golden lasso and it’s suspended over an active volcano. Riding the air currents, Wonder Girl manages to recover the lasso. She then uses it to climb up the peak where the Roc’s next is locate. When Ronno arrives and is terrorised by the Roc who owns the next, Wonder Girl goes to his rescue. The two are grabbed and dropped in the nest, intending to be the unhatched eggs first meal. There Wonder Girl spots the third part of her uniform: A golden eagle crest for the front of her shirt. The duo then jump out of the nest and Wonder Girl rides the currents to evade the hungry Roc from capturing them again.

Back in the safety of the water, the two new friends swim back to Paradise Island where Wonder Girl gives Ronno one of her hair ribbons as a memento of their adventure together. Returning to the island victorious, the Amazons throw a celebration for Wonder Girl.

Second Story Synopsis

Lt. Diana Prince is working at military intelligence when she gets a distress call from Col. Steve Trevor, who is being attacked by something so spectacular he is afraid to say what it is for fear that he might be going mad. Diana changes into Wonder Woman and flies to the rescue in her invisible jet to see what the emergency is. She gets the shock of her life when she witnesses what appears to be old west bandit Jesse James and a posse of thieves riding their horses in a circle around Steve’s jet in the middle of the sky. When she attempts to stop them, Jesse James manages to shoot away her lasso and damage Steve’s plane before he and his posse flee the scene. Wonder Woman is forced to leave them alone as she saves Steve from a deadly plane crash.

Once Steve is safe they both hear a distress call from a train nearby. Going to investigate that disturbance, they are shocked to find that the train is apparently being robbed by Billy the Kid. Wonder Woman goes down to try and stop the crook, by deflecting his bullets with her tiara. When she redirects some of the bullets back at him, she is shocked to see that he is somehow bullet proof. He manages to get away when she tries to grab him, and his horse flies off into the air.

As it turns out, these bandits are not Billy the Kid or Jesse James at all, but aliens named Zugggm and Ronnkn, two aliens from a distant world that intends to conquer the Earth. On their home planet, the two aliens people watch the footage of Wonder Woman’s defeat and have a hearty laugh at tricking humans by disguising themselves as figures from Earth’s past. Wonder Woman, realising that something isn’t right, goes to a nearby small town and purchases a large quantity of magnets. Then using her super strength fuses them into one giant magnet. When Zugggm and Ronnkn attempt to capture her to make them her prisoner, she hides the magnet until they are too close to get away. Pulling it out of the ground, she draws the aliens (and their metal horses and weapons) to the magnet and flies them off into space demanding to know what planet they came from.

Afraid for their well being, the aliens confess everything and Wonder Woman drops them off on their native planet warning the aliens there against attempting to invade the Earth again. Flying back to Earth with Steve, Wonder Woman tells him that now that she knows what planet the aliens come from she can keep an eye on them in the future. Steve then pipes up with a quip: The only person he wants to keep an eye on, is Wonder Woman.


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