Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 7

Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 7

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
November 1943
Cover Date:
Winter 1943
Golden Age
Story Title:
Wonder Woman 1000 Years in the Future!

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Harry G. Peter
William Moulton Marston
Harry G. Peter
Harry G. Peter
Harry G. Peter
Harry G. Peter
Sheldon Mayer


Wonder Woman (Diana Prince), Steve Trevor, General Darnell, Etta Candy
Grafton Patronage, Professor Manly, Queen Andra Moteeva
Hippolyta (Hippolyte), Paula (Von Gunther)
President Arda Moore, Senator Heeman
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During Thanksgiving leave, Diana returns to Paradise Island to celebrate the Amazons’ own harvest festival. There, her mother uses the Magic Sphere to show her the America of 3000 A.D., which has fully adopted the Amazons’ matriarchy. The state of this future America is thus:

  • Due to the “L-3” vitamin Etta Candy (now a respected academic) discovered in the 20th century, no American ages past their mid-thirties; thus, all of Diana’s friends survive alongside her.
  • The nation has elected its first female President, Arda Moore, who has dismantled most government corruption and jailed top political boss Grafton Patronage.
  • Steve is now the President’s military aide, and occasional bodyguard.
  • Col. Darnell is now Gen. Darnell, head of a nationwide police department.
  • Diana herself still serves as Darnell’s secretary, changing into Wonder Woman whenever needed.

Though this woman-ruled America is technologically advanced and prosperous, it still finds opposition in the Man’s World Party, a group of reactionaries led by the rogue Senator Heeman. Shortly after the election, the Senator confronts President Moore and demands she release Patronage, or else face mass breakouts and revolution. The President defies these threats, but nevertheless allows Steve and Diana to investigate.

Unfortunately, Diana and Steve arrive at the central prison too late; Patronage has already begun his breakout, and led all his fellow convicts into overpowering the soft-hearted guards. Unwilling to endanger the guards’ lives, Diana and Steve allow themselves to be taken captive. Subsequently, Patronage forces the warden to summon the President, so he and his gang may assassinate her.

Once left unattended, Diana changes into Wonder Woman and foils the assassination, but fails to stop Patronage from capturing the President. With the President his hostage, Patronage is able to stall off any direct attacks from Washington; however, he fails to account for Wonder Woman and Etta, who slip an L-3 antidote into the prison’s water main, then request the military set fires around the prison. The heat drives Patronage and his cronies to drink the spiked water, whereupon they quickly age to dust.

With Patronage’s threat ended, the President is freed, the fires extinguished, and Wonder Woman taught that immortality cannot be given indiscriminately, lest it fall into evil hands.

Queen Hippolyta fast-forwards the Magic Sphere to 3004 A.D., the time of President Moore’s reelection campaign. The chief opponent of the incumbent “Women’s Party” is now the renowned scientist Professor Manly, whose “Man’s Party” and theories of masculine strength have enticed many Americans, including Steve. The Man’s Party soon nominates Steve its presidential candidate, with Professor Manly his running-mate.

Diana and Gen. Darnell remain wary of the Professor, whom they suspect of graft, arms-dealing, and even murder; when President Moore refuses to run again, Diana requests and attains the Women’s Party nomination, with Etta as her running-mate. Both parties run highly successful campaigns, but on election night, Professor Manly’s cronies invade ballot offices across twenty different states and forge results favouring the Man’s Party. Thus, Steve becomes the new President of the United States.

Almost immediately after election, Steve realises the depths of his running-mate’s corruption; when he refuses to yield, he is “disappeared” by the Professor’s cronies. Meanwhile, Diana redoubles her investigation of the Professor, who soon exercises his Acting President powers and jails her. Undeterred, Diana changes into Wonder Woman, breaks out of prison, and invades the secret headquarters of the Man’s Party, where the Professor is threatening Steve with a chamber of subzero chemicals.

Heedless of her own safety, Wonder Woman breaks the chamber, freezing herself and Steve’s captors in the chemicals but saving Steve’s life. Upon escaping, Steve mourns the apparently-dead Wonder Woman, but rejoices when Etta and her sorority use advanced chemical methods to revive the Amazon. Soon after, Manly’s crimes are exposed, Steve forgiven for his mistakes, and Diana sworn in as the rightful President of the United States.

In present day, Paula von Gunther returns to Paradise Island to join her fellow Amazons’ celebration. Seeing Wonder Woman marvelling at Paula’s newly-invented airship, Queen Hippolyta explains that such ships will be the worldwide travel standard by 3700 A.D. – a time when all the world’s nations have been joined into the United States of Earth, overseen by the Council of Presidents.

At the Queen’s direction, the Magic Sphere displays this future, where Paula has become the Council’s chief executive. At the moment, Paula’s main concern is Primal Island, a small republic being threatened with revolution by Andra Moteeva, one of its most brilliant citizens. As Primal Island falls within American jurisdiction, Paula dispatches Diana (still the American President) and Steve (still Diana’s aide) to investigate.

Before the pair have even reached Primal Island, however, Andra has already completed her coup and declared herself Queen. At her command, coast patrols gun down the investigators’ airship, almost instantly knocking Steve unconscious; Diana, kept awake by her Amazon stamina, quickly changes into Wonder Woman and attempts to tow Steve to safety, but is felled by the electrified nets surrounding the island’s coast.

Wonder Woman and Steve are taken to the island dungeons, where sit thousands of political prisoners that Queen Andra plans to execute in coming days. While the Queen gloats of her plans for world domination, Wonder Woman surreptitiously escapes and warns the Council of Presidents. With help from Wonder Woman and Paula, the Council prepares for its first war in centuries – not with lethal firepower (forbidden by Aphrodite’s Law), but with rings designed to spray muscle relaxant.

In three days’ time, the Council raises a proper army, which promptly surrenders to Queen Andra. Only when the overconfident Queen relaxes her guard does the army strike, swiftly paralysing all the Queen’s forces with their rings. Now left without an army, Andra tries to escape, only to be captured by Wonder Woman; once the island’s legitimate government has been restored, the ex-tyrant is remanded to its justice, and sentenced to work as a prison nurse.

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