This issue sees the introduction of Artemis, who will subsequently become the new Wonder Woman. The story continues in issue 0 and then the conventional numbering resumes with the following issue after that. This was a nod to the “Zero Hour” crossover that was taking place at that time, where almost all titles carried a special “0” issue which marked minor changes or tweaks in character’s origins as a result of the events in “Zero Hour”, though nothing as radical as what would occur as a result of the Flashpoint event in later years that would lead to the introduction of DC Comics’ “New 52” continuity.

The issue sees an interesting perspective on Diana’s success in Man’s World to date, as Hippolyta berates her daughter on her lack of progress. In many aspects the accusations can be considered as valid ones, particularly when one considers Wonder Woman was sent to Man’s World to spread the Amazon’s message of love and peace and to make the world a better place. And yet, since her debut in the post crisis continuity, it can be argued that in fact she has had little impact on these macro matters – becoming instead just another super hero fighting crime. Loebs cleverly uses the issue to frame the discussion as to whether Wonder Woman’s mission has been successful or not and, aside from a few odd exceptions, it would not be until Greg Rucka’s run on the title years later, that a writer would really embrace Wonder Woman’s original mission again and return it to being the centre piece of the book once more.

This issue also sees the start of new artist Mike Deodato’s run on the title after his recent guest appearance. His Diana was an incredibly sexy version, as was every female he drew, depicting sensuous curves and often revealing amounts of exposed flesh, leaving fans polarised. Some found his style overly salacious. The phrase “wonder thong” even began to be quoted, referring to Wonder Woman’s extremely small star spangled briefs! Of course, other fans found Deodato’s renderings a refreshing change from the patchy and poor quality art work of previous issues, adding that Diana is supposed to be the most gorgeous woman on the planet, gifted with the beauty of Aphrodite and that by definition, she would also have the Goddess’ womanly curves and be…

But whatever side of the argument fans sat on, most could not deny the visual impact of Deodato’s style – which felt particularly appropriate for the story arc that was to come.