After her introduction in DC Comics Presents #41, the all ‘new’ Wonder Woman makes her first appearance in her own book, sporting a new logo, costume and brand new creative team with scripter Roy Thomas and artist Gene Colan at the helm. Bolder, more sassy and edgy, the new Diana is shown on the cover as someone not to mess with.

It can be argued that based on the favourable response to the ‘Huntress’ back up stories, where Helena Wayne is depicted as a tough, no nonsense sort of heroine, the powers at DC felt that perhaps their Amazon Princess was a little soft around the edges and required a makeover to broaden her appeal and bring in much needed new readers.

Fans seem to be divided on this chapter in the Amazing Amazon’s history, either loving the more assured Diana or finding her not the innocent character they had grown to know and love. Either way though, the changes were historic in that the famous Eagle motif on the bustier was forever replaced by the =W= logo that we know today.

This issue sees the return of a well known villain from the Wonder Woman hall of infamy, as well as the introduction of a brand new villainess that would prove to be quite a formidable foe for the Amazon in adventures to come…