This was a one shot graphic novel that was part of the “Earth One” series that re-imagined character’s origins with a modern interpretation. Wonder Woman Earth One was a long time in gestation however versus the other Earth One novels.

As is typical of maverick writer Grant Morrison, his take on Wonder Woman was quite controversial and polarised opinion amongst fans. As he openly admitted, when it was announced he would be writing it, he intended to encompass the vision of her original creator, William Moulton Marston, while including the exploration of some of the bondage and submission related themes that were present in the Golden Age version of the character.

Interestingly, Greg Rucka was originally mooted to write Earth One but Morrison’s “star power”  and more unique approach may have persuaded DC to go with him instead. Rucka however eventually got the opportunity to publish his Earth One take on Diana as part of the Rebirth relaunch.