This special “Annual” concludes the story from “Wonder Woman” #4. Finally we got to see where Heinberg’s much delayed and troubled launch story had been leading us all along. In truth, the effectiveness of this final instalment of Heinberg’s “Who is Wonder Woman?” tale had already been neutered by its spasmodic publishing schedule. In this final part we effectively have one giant fight scene between Diana and her now enhanced rogues gallery, before the final showdown between Circe and Hercules.

The “big pay off” comes in the epilogue of the tale and finally confirms what had been assumed by many fans all along – ever since the re-launch of Wonder Woman was announced. The Amazon Princess was indeed taken back to her pre-crisis roots, both comic book and TV versions, as she now loses her powers when in her Diana Prince guise. She becomes almost a hybrid of Batman and Superman – all too human and vulnerable when “Diana Prince”, relying on her skills instead of powers just as the Caped Crusader has to, but becoming a formidable super-powered being when transformed into Wonder Woman, just like Kal El.

It had often been argued by fans and comic book commentators alike that Diana had become too perfect and too infallible post crisis. DC Comics obviously felt that by weakening her and changing her into a human being, albeit only when she chooses to do so, this would make her a more approachable character for non-fans and perhaps allow more drama and suspense into storylines, as Wonder Woman became just that little less invincible…

Needless to say, many fans almost wanted to forget the whole launch debacle and were hoping that the talented Gail Simone would finally write Diana in a way they felt she should have always been portrayed. However, once again they were asked to wait just a little longer to find out because DC announced that instead of starting in issue 13, Simone would commence her tenure on the book with issue 14 and that J. Torres would in the meantime be given fill in duties again.

The back up story recounts agent Diana Prince and Nemesis on a mission to observe the newly returned Wonder Woman, and is used to summarise the back history of Diana, Tom Tresser (Nemesis), Sarge Steel, Donna Troy and Cassandra Sandsmark.