Justice League Power Rangers – 5

Justice League Power Rangers – 5

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
August 2017
Cover Date:
October 2017
Story Title:
Justice League Power Rangers - Part Five

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Karl Kerschl
Tom Taylor
Stephen Byrne
Stephen Byrne
Deron Bennett
Stephen Byrne
DC Comics - Kristy Quinn, Jessica Chen, Jim Chadwick (Group)
Boom Studio - Dafna Pleban, Alex Galer (Associate)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Superman (Clark Kent/Kal El), Cyborg (Victor Stone), Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (John Stewart)
Power Rangers - [Red Ranger (Jason Lee Scott), Black Ranger (Zack Taylor), Yellow ((Trini Kwan), Pink Ranger (Kimberley Ann Hart), Green Ranger (Tommy Oliver), Blue Ranger (Billy Cranston)
Brainiac, Lord Zedd
Alpha Five
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Wonder Woman interrupts a NATO meeting where the recent shocking disappearance of Angel Grove is being debated and after receiving an initially hostile reception persuades them of the imminent threat about to hit their planet.

Meanwhile Flash searches the globe and finally locates Lord Zedd who in turn notifies Brainiac in his ship orbiting the Earth that he has begun his attack.  As Zedd’s troops launch from his ship heading earthwards, Green Lantern attempts to halt their advance.

On board the ship itself Batman suspects that if he can reboot Cyborg’s systems it will purge Brainiac’s control over him and thankfully for all it works. They then enter the chamber and see hundreds of miniaturised cites kept in glass jars.

They collect Angel Grove and Superman reassures the Power Rangers that they will take the other cities back to their own Earth and ensure they are restored. Batman then adds that right now the priority is to get back down to the surface and assist in the defences.

But as they prepare to leave Cyborg mentions that while he was under Brainiac’s control he saw that Alpha Five was being held on the ship. The Power Rangers say that they will not leaver the ship without him and Superman promises he will rescue him while the others escape. He sets off to the control room and confronts Brainiac who produces a shard of Kryptonite but before he can stab Superman the Power Rangers arrive and slice up the villain.

Batman says that won’t stop him for long and that they need to leave now. They arrive to join their comrades back down on Earth as the hordes of Zedd’s troops continue to press their attack. Even Alpha Five eventually joins the battle.


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