Justice League Dark – Volume 2 – 3

Justice League Dark – Volume 2 – 3

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
September 2018
Cover Date:
November 2018
DC Universe
Story Title:
The Last Age of Magic - Chapter 2

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Álvaro Martínez, Raúl Fernández
Greg Capullo (variant)
James Tynion IV
Álvaro Martínez
Raúl Fernández
Rob Leigh
Brad Anderson
Rebecca Taylor, Andrew Marino (assistant)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Zatanna Zatara, Detective Chimp (Bobo T. Chimpnazee), Man-Bat (Kirk Langstrom), Swamp Thing (Alec Holland)
John Constantine
Upside Down Man
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Wonder Woman and Zatanna confront the Upside Down Man but find him too powerful. However, Bobo, along with Man-Bat, arrives just in time to free them from the creature’s clutches. But it heals itself and seemingly kills Bobo.

Outside, Swamp Thing realises he must interject and grows to loom over the Tower. But he too is overwhelmed by the power of the Upside Down Man and killed. As Wonder Woman carries Zatanna away from the Tower John Constantine steps forward and conjures a powerful spell that almost kills him, but at first seems to have destroyed the creature.

But as the heroes try to regroup the Upside Down Man emerges unscathed and take sout his vengeance on Constantine. It turns its attention to Zatanna and tells her how it has enjoyed tearing her father apart and putting him back together over all these years.

But Wonder Woman steps between them and warns the creature she will not let him harm another person. The Upside Down Man uses its power on the Amazon Princess but senses a strange, unfamiliar power inside of her. Intrigued he reaches forward and touches the star on her tiara. Suddenly Diana cries out and is consumed by energy. As her tiara flies off a strange symbol lights up on her forehead.

The creature cowers back in pain as Wonder Woman cries out to Zatanna that she doe snot know what is happening to her and she has never felt such a power before. The magician tells her to clear her mind and focus. She then tells her to repeat a banishment spell and with that the creature is gone, but before it disappears it says that they have only delayed the inevitable. At the same time all the dead heroes are resurrected.

Wonder Woman collapses unconscious as the symbol fades from her head and Zatanna tells the others that this is only the beginning.

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