Justice League Another Nail – 2

Justice League Another Nail – 2

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
June 2004
Cover Date:
June 2004
Story Title:
Justice League Another Nail - Part Two

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Alan Davis, Mark Farmer
Alan Davis
Alan Davis
Mark Farmer
Patricia Prentice
John Kalisz
Peter J. Tomasi, Stephen Wacker (Associate Editor)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Superman (Clark Kent /Kal El), Aquaman (Arthur Curry), Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Martian Manhunter (J'Onn J'Onzz)
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From Coast City to Keystone City, Green Lantern drops in on some allies to suspect for anything that of New Gods activity. So far, his journey gets him nowhere.

Meanwhile, aboard the Justice League’s satellite base, Martian Manhunter encourages Superman to take some time off. Until they’ve figured out how the Man of Steel’s powers were drained from him while battling Evil Star and Despero, J’onn J’onnz doesn’t want Earth’s mightiest hero in the line of fire. Superman reluctantly agrees after J’onn introduces him to the three new Justice League recruits who have signed on to take his place: Firestorm, Halo, and the Astral Mage.

Down on Earth, the Metal Men and their creator, Dr. Will Magnus, are examining the now-defunct Amazo, whose brain was removed by the Flash a year ago. Magnus is still trying to unlock the secrets of the advanced robot, even though he was supposed to oversee the destruction of the body long ago. Suddenly, Power Girl, Black Orchid, and Star Sapphire appear through a wormhole to take Amazo with them. The Metal Men do their best to fight them off. Ultimately, their attempt is a futile one, and the girls get away with a robot in tow.

From there, Power Girl, Black Orchid, and Star Sapphire cause some more havoc in Midway City, laying down their power against the Doom Patrol and making off with the group’s chief, Niles Caulder. When Green Lantern happens upon the scene hours later, a temporal anomaly, likely caused by the wormhole through which the girl trio traveled, catches Green Lantern and won’t let go. It takes Doom Patrol’s Negative Man to set off a potent and volatile reaction that finally frees Hal but leaves him a little shaken.

Meanwhile, Hawkgirl and Zatanna run across a strange monster that has mysteriously slipped through the dimensions. And when Hawkgirl confronts the Shadow Thief a little later, the villain’s attempt to flee through a dimensional portal results instead in his rather painful demise. The portal then opens wider, pulling both Zatanna and Hawkgirl into it.

On Mount Everest, the Flash and the Atom notice some strange time anomalies. However, their investigation inadvertently sends them into another dimension and they’re attacked by the Justice League’s evil doppelgangers, the Crime Syndicate. The villains manage to capture the two heroes after a scuffle, and when the Flash tries to accuse them of causing trouble on their Earth, Power Ring corrects him: it is Barry and Ray that are the dimensional trespassers.

Also, Batman is still coping with what happened a year ago. Now, he can’t get the dark memories out of his head, and after defeating Poison Ivy with the help of former Catwoman, and now-Batwoman, Selina Kyle, Batman starts to hear the Joker’s laugh again. Following the laughter brings Batman to the site of the Joker’s death – Arkham Asylum – and face-to-face with Deadman, who has also heard the laughter and believes it has something to do with the unstable dimensional fluctuations – which the disturbances allowed Batman and Selina to see Deadman. Deadman agrees to track down the Spectre to get things fixed but admits that even he’s scared by the extent to which the dimensional planes are wavering.

Elsewhere, Aquaman is minding his own business when he’s attacked by a monster of the deep that won’t respond to his call. The strange monster captures the Sea King and brings him to a cavern where one of Darkseid’s minions, Slig, has been hiding out since before Darkseid’s fall a year ago and resorted to cannibalizing the Deep Six. Things don’t look too good for Aquaman until Wonder Woman shows up, explaining to her friend and ally that the Phantom Stranger led her to him. Slig destroys himself in his attempt to build upon his own power, leaving Diana and Arthur to wander through the caverns and discover Apokoliptan technology. But before either of them can act, an explosion hurls both of them backwards into time, and before long, they’re contending with a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

And in deep space, Barda, now a Super Green Lantern – a New God with a power ring and a Mother Box run by her husband, Mister Miracle – is on the trail of an energy signal linked to the attack on Superman. The signal leads straight to Kalibak and Grace, two refuges from Apokolips that have their own big plans. Barda dukes it out with them briefly before transporting the both of them to New Genesis, where they are captured and interrogated. According to Grace, Darkseid, when he was alive, sought “the One” – for what purpose that is yet to know – and Grace believed that “One” to be Superman. Before the New Gods can learn anymore, Kalibak and Grace get wrapped up in squabbling with one another.

Superman, since he is on leave, has taking things easy in Smallville where the Kents have tried to integrate Kal into normal society by disguising him. When Lois Lane shows up, she and Kal hit the movies and kick back, both unaware that super-villain Eclipso lurks nearby.

The issue concludes when Deadman starts riding the dimensional waves and comes across Etrigan the Demon, who is battling hordes of attacking creatures. When Deadman asks where the Spectre is, Etrigan reveals that their battlefield is the Spectre, who fights both for his own life and all of reality.


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