JLA Secret Files & Origins – 3

JLA Secret Files & Origins – 3

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
October 2000
Cover Date:
December 2000
Modern Age
Story Title:
The Advance Man

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Dave Ross, Dan Adkins
D. Curtis Johnson
Tom Peyer
Pablo Raimond
Ethan van Sciver
David Meikis, Claude St. Aubin
Matt Martin
John Costanza
Janice Chiang
Tom McCraw
Tony Bedard


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Superman (Clark Kent/Kal El), Aquaman (Arthur Curry/Orin), Flash (Wally West), Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), Martian Manhunter (J'Onn J'Onzz), Plastic Man (Patrick O'Brien)
Atom (Ray Palmer), Big Barda, Black Canary (Dinah Lance), Firestorm (Ronald Raymnond), Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), Mister Miracle (Scott Free), Orion, Rocket Red (Dimitri Pushkin), Steel (John Henry Irons), Zatanna Zatara
Talia al Ghul
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Synopsis for "Blame"

Talia al Ghul has accomplished her father’s desire for taking down the Justice League. She stares at the chaos she has created and remembers everything she had to do in order to achieve success.

Months prior to the present, Talia infiltrated the Justice League Watchtower using the teleport device the League uses for transportation. Talia broke in during a time of chaos, to make sure that the members of the League were all busy and she had all the time she needed. Somehow, Ra’s discovered that Batman has been studying the members of the League and has been developing countermeasure plans for each one of them and Talia was looking for those files. Batman studied the Justice League very carefully and learned every detail from them in order to create the perfect countermeasure for them. Talia discovered the encrypted files and realised that she needed to be in a closer hardware to be able to decode the encrypted files.

As soon as the Justice League arrived at the Watchtower, Talia sneaked back into the teleporter and used it to teleport her to the Batcave. Once inside, Talia hacked into the Batcomputer and found all the files she wanted and with the information she took from the Watchtower, she was able to decode the files and copy them into a CD-Rom. Before ending her task, she roamed the cave for a while, thinking what it was for her beloved to come up with all the plans. Bruce was driven and wanted to find a certain way to stop all of the Justice League in case they needed to be stopped, despite Alfred’s lessons about trust and ethics.

Talia finally found the last piece she needed before leaving the Batcave. Bruce has been experimenting with Kryptonite and managed to create a “Red Kryptonite” variation that wasn’t lethal as the regular green one, but it would still be very harmful for Superman. Talia retrieved it and her mission was complete.

Back in the present, Talia and the League of Assasins leave the broken superheroes to their agony and she only longs for the time when they have to put the blame on somebody. Would it blame her? Her one true love, Batman? Or would they blame humanity? Whatever the outcome, Talia knows that she can’t tell for sure.


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