JLA – 90

JLA – 90

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
November 2003
Cover Date:
January 2004
Modern Age
Story Title:

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen
Joe Kelly
Chris Cross
Tom Nguyen
Ken Lopez
David Baron
Mike Carlin
Valerie D'Orazio (Associate)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Faith, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Major Disaster (Paul Booker), Manitou Raven, Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz)
Steel Fang, Joker
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In this issue we finally see Diana and Bruce confront their feelings for each other following their kiss on the battlefield, as they explore the ramifications of having a romantic relationship. During the New 52 DC decided to pair up the Amazon Princess with the Man of Steel as a romantic couple, but many fans to this day still feel that the perfect man for Diana is Batman.


In Gotham City, Wonder Woman and Batman team-up to make quick work of a low-level super-villain called Steel Fang making an escape. The two crime fighters manage to exchange playful flirtations as they capture the criminal and make an appointment to finally have their “talk” about the kiss they shared a year ago.

Later, despite the Watchtower being under renovations, Wonder Woman climbs into J’onn J’onzz’s Transconscience Articulator to see if she really wants to be with Batman before sitting down to confront him. Instantaneously, she is transported to a future on Themyscira where she hasn’t aged a day but Bruce Wayne is old and confined to a wheel chair. They stroll along the seaside and chat lovingly about the Batman’s last days. But the dream turns to a nightmare and Diana finds herself fighting crime side by side with the urban crime fighter clad in “bat” gear of her own. She violently takes a wife beater with extreme prejudice. A quick view of Diana in Bruce’s world and a quick view of Bruce in Diana’s provide “odd couple” hi-jinx among a CEO and Greek goddess.

Just as Diana thinks she’s been awoken from her dreams she’s plunged back into a vision of her and the Dark Knight battling side by side. Then she’s transported to a horrific last stand against the Joker, who kills her lover and so she ends his life. High atop a bridge in another lifetime Diana cries silently to herself as Bruce offers a calming hand. The Olympian gods have denied her request to bear children. Regardless their love is without bounds and they will make this work.

Diana finally awakens from her dream, for real this time, and Bruce is waiting for her. After her deep soul search they agree to remain friends. The potential for greatness and disaster is too much and Diana isn’t willing to risk their friendship.