JLA Classified – 38

JLA Classified – 38

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
May 2007
Cover Date:
July 2007
Modern Age
Story Title:
Kid Amazo, Part 2: Man & Superman

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Sami Basri
Peter Milligan
Carlos D'Anda
Carlos D'Anda
Jared K. Fletcher
Mike Carlin
Tom Palmer, Jr. (Assistant)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Flash (Wally West), Green Lantern (John Stewart), Martian Manhunter (J‘Onn J‘Onzz), Superman (Clark Kent, Kal-El)
Amazo, Professor Ivo
Frank Halloran (Kid Amazo)
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The Justice League continues to monitor Frank Halloran, the son of Amazo and argue about what, if anything, they should do about him. Flash, Green Lantern John Stewart and Martian Manhunter want to strike right away, destroying the cyborg before it attacks or can even choose to be evil. Batman thinks they should wait and see, but if any action is to be taken, it should be to reprogram it and not destroy it. Wonder Woman and Superman agree with Batman that they should wait to see if Frank becomes good or evil.

At the same time Dr. Ivo and Amazo also discuss Frank’s future. Amazo decides that he is going to take matters into his own hands and force the boy to come to their way of thinking.

Sometime later Amazo ambushes Frank while the confused young cyborg waits for his girlfriend outside of a movie theatre. Amazo manipulates Frank into going underground with him where Frank attacks his father. When they reach topside again Frank realises what Amazo has done and uses his newfound powers to stop the earthquake the two had caused. After stopping the earthquake, Frank inadvertently encounter a police officer and accidentally cause him to shoot himself. Feeling remorse, Frank takes the wounded officer to a hospital. Along the way he figures out how he’s going to handle the Amazo situation: he’s going to make the android mad.

Afterwards the Justice League convene again to talk about Frank Halloran. Wonder Woman believes that Frank’s girlfriend might be in danger but Batman reassures her the girl won’t be in harm’s way. The Martian Manhunter briefs the group on Frank’s actions, which include him using the seclusion of the Mojave Desert to test his abilities. In the final assessment the Martian feels that given the scans he had performed on Frank’s mind, the young cyborg is on the verge of insanity.

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