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Book Title JLA 80 Page Giant
Issue Number: 1
Published: July 1998
Cover Artists: Kevin Maguire, Karl Story
Writer: 3rd Story: Todd Dezago
5th Story: Mark Millar
6th Story: Elliott S. Maggin
7th Story: Christopher Priest
Pencils: 3rd Story: Ben Herrera
5th Story: Chris Jonesr
6th Story: Clint Hilinski
7th Story: Eric Battle
Inker: 3rd Story: Michael Christian
5th Story: Mark Stegbauer
6th Story: Ray Kryssing
7th Story: Prentis Rollins
Letterer: 3rd & 7th Story: Kurt Hathaway
5th Story: Lois Buhalis
6th Story: Janice Chiang
Colourist: 3rd Story: Jason Scott Jones
5th Story: Tom McCraw
6th Story: Carla Feeney
7th Story: John Kalisz
Editor: Dan Raspler, Tony Bedard
Story Title: 3rd Story: Mousebusters
5th Story: The Secret Society of Super Villains
6th Story: Warrior's Heritage
7th Story: Revelations
Cover of JLA 80 Page Giant #1

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